NBA Odds: Where Will the Championship-Winning Team Come from?

The NBA Play-In Tournament has been nothing short of exciting so far. Each set of games has had a different feel, however, nothing matches the excitement of the actual 16-team playoff experience to crown this season’s NBA champions. With several legitimate contenders this postseason, fans and bettors alike are wondering where the championship-winning team will come from.

Bovada has released odds on various playoff prop markets that might give spectators a better idea of where the eventual champions will come from. These markets range from predicting which conference the team is from to which state they’re located in. With that being said, these are the types of prop bets that can add even more excitement to the NBA Playoffs.

Here’s a look at some of Bovada’s postseason markets.

2020-211 NBA Finals Odds: Conference of Winning Team

Odds via Bovada as of Thursday, May 20

  • Eastern Conference (-115)
  • Western Conference (-115)

Considering how we’re still in the play-in tournament stages, it’s not too surprising that both conferences share the same odds (-115) to win the Larry O’Brien Trophy this season. Each conference has its fair share of NBA contenders, but the West is definitely more top-heavy with teams like the Utah Jazz, Phoenix Suns, Denver Nuggets and more. Meanwhile, the Eastern Conference kind of trails off after the Philadelphia 76ers, Brooklyn Nets and Miami Heat. Either way, expect these odds to change as the postseason progresses.

However, to put things into perspective, six out of the last 10 champions have come from the Western Conference.

Which Division Will the Championship-Winning Team Come From?

Odds via Bovada as of Thursday, May 20

  • Atlantic (+140)
  • Pacific (+150)
  • Northwest (+550)
  • Central (+900)
  • Southeast (+2000)
  • Southwest (+3000)

At +140 odds, the Atlantic Division has the best shot at having a team win the 2020-21 NBA Championship. After all, exactly half of the East’s playoff teams come from the Atlantic, including the 76ers and Nets. Both teams were the best in the Eastern Conference this season, so it’s unsurprising to see that BetOnline has them going all the way to the finals to win it all.

However, the Pacific Division only slightly trails the Atlantic at +150 odds. The Phoenix Suns, Los Angeles Clippers and Lakers have all locked down their playoff spots, with the potential of the Golden State Warriors being the fourth Pacific team to join them. The Suns have been near the top of the NBA for most of the season, while both Los Angeles teams have been looked at as championship favorites since Day 1.

At the end of the day, it’s entirely possible that the NBA Finals will come down to the Atlantic and Pacific division facing off against each other.

2020-21 NBA Playoff Odds: State of Championship-Winning Team

Odds via Bovada as of Thursday, May 20

  • California (+170)
  • New York (+210)
  • Florida (+3500)
  • Texas (+4500)
  • Any other state not listed (+135)

Out of the listed states, California (+170) is the most likely to house the eventual NBA champions. As mentioned before, the Clippers and Lakers have been seen as contenders for quite some time, and who knows what’ll happen if Stephen Curry and the Warriors take the No. 8 seed.

The state of New York has a pretty good shot too (+210), especially as the Nets are the current favorites to win the NBA Championship. However, the New York Knicks are the East’s fourth-seeded team, so there’s always the potential that they could go on a major postseason run.

On the other hand, there’s a really good shot that the champions won’t come from the above states (+135). Considering the Suns, Jazz, Bucks and 76ers are contenders that don’t fall under the mentioned states, this could be the option for bettors to go with.

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