neckbr4ke, PlayaNEO and rickroger10 Win PokerStars MicroMillions Titles

PokerStars MicroMillions often attracts many spectators from different countries. It has combined prize pools worth $4.4 million.

Still, some players get huge payouts despite making small buy-ins. Here are highlights on how the recent MicroMillions tournaments unfolded.

"neckbr4ke" Bags the $22 NLHE 8-Max High Roller Title

The MicroMillions 107: $22 NLHE 8-Max High Roller had 8,078 players and a $161,560 prize pool. Yet, some entrants got five-figure prizes.

What Were the Final Table's Prizes?

  1. neckbr4ke from Austria-$20,359
  2. sensy10 from Brazil-$18,508
  3. goodluckgabi from Hungary-$11,527
  4. illidandk from Denmark-$8,217
  5. tosati's from Brazil-$5,857
  6. DaniloPMPB from Brazil-$4,175
  7. Samiyuq Kay from Peru-$2,976
  8. Muido Harper from Brazil-$2,121
  9. MAROTOx86 from Brazil-$1,512

Each of the nine-handed final table qualifiers was assured of taking home at least $1,512. MAROTOx86 got busted in ninth place. Muido Harper and Samiyuq Kay followed them in eighth and seventh place, respectively.

DaniloPMPB's run ended in sixth place, and tosati's followed them closely in fifth place. illidandk exited the event in the fourth position with $8,217. Each of the last three finalists had secured at least $11,000 from $22 buy-ins.

goodluckgabi finished third with $11,527 setting up a tough match between sensy10 and neckbr4ke. sensy10 finished second with $18,508, while neckbr4ke got the $20,359 top prize.

"PlayaNEO" Wins $9,675 in the $11 NLHE 8-Max PKO Sunday Special

"PlayaNEO" beat their opponents to win the $9,675 first-place prize in the MicroMillions 10: $11 NLHE 8-Max PKO Sunday Special after making a $11 buy-in. flushnutsAA finished second with $9,139 after winning bounties worth $1,887. PlayaNEO and flushnutsAA were the only poker players to get four-figure bounties.

The Top Nine Finalists' Payouts

  1. PlayaNEO from Croatia- a $9,675 total prize; $2,414 bounties, and a $7,261 prize
  2. flushnutsAA from Brazil- a $9,139 total prize; $1,887 bounties, and a $7,252 prize
  3. Vini gaucho from Brazil- a $5,225 total prize, $923 bounties, and a $4,302 prize
  4. Boungen from Sweden-a $3,808 total prize, $741 bounties, and a $3,067 prize
  5. Magnumz100 from Belgium-a $2,604 total prize; $418 bounties and a $2,186 prize
  6. 0Adas0 from Poland- a $1,988 total prize; $430 bounties, and a $1,558 prize
  7. nakataZeu from Romania- a $1,432 total prize; $321 bounties, and a $1,111 prize
  8. renem24 from Canada- a $1,526 total prize; $735 bounties, and a $791 prize
  9. tcproject from Estonia-a $812 total prize; $248 bounties, and a $564 prize

"rickroger10" Leads in the $11 NLHE 8-Max PKO Sunday Special

The MicroMillions 105: $11 NLHE 8-Max PKO Sunday Special attracted 16,236 players who formed a $159,112 prize pool. Its final table comprised five Brazilian players, but rickroger10 bagged the top prize after beating DarkAzazel in heads-up action.

The Event's Largest Prizes

  1. rickroger10 from Brazil-$12,978
  2. DarkAzazel from Brazil-$8,026
  3. allian from the United Kingdom-$5,293
  4. Bourg19 from Canada-$3,570
  5. indiok11 from Brazil-$2,893
  6. rifswan11 from Mexico-$1,758
  7. TMDiguiN from Brazil-$1,586
  8. TruePokerism from the United Kingdom-$975
  9. jucabala390 from Brazil-$909


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