Nevada Casinos Set A New Record In Revenue For September

Nevada has always been one of the most successful states in the United States when it comes to gambling, given that Las Vegas is located in the heart of it. Ever since officials started measuring revenue, there have been some ups and downs, but the overall growth trend is very much present. The month of September was very good for the Silver State as it managed to document a new revenue record for that month.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board released official figures on Wednesday that show that casinos managed to make state-wide revenue of $1.06 billion during September. Compared to the same period of 2018, there is a significant improvement in revenue — as much as 6.8 percent.

It is the highest revenue so far for 2019, but it is also the highest revenue ever for September, beating the 2007 record by approximately $100,000.

The casinos which are located on the Las Vegas Strip were particularly productive. They reported a revenue increase year-on-year of 8.3 percent, as they managed to earn a total of $584.2 million. However, the highest increase was reported by casinos located in Downtown Las Vegas. They reported a 20 percent increase, which is their biggest regional percentage gain. Casinos in Downtown managed to earn a total of $65.9 million.

When it comes to game types, slot machines had a great September as well and managed to mark a revenue increase of 8.3 percent, earning a total of $690.2 million. Moreover, the report also paid attention to the table, counter, and card games, which also reported increased earnings. Their revenue was up 15.4 percent, as they earned a total of $369.1 million.

The game that managed to claim the title of being the most profitable was baccarat, as it reported an increase of 54 percent, having earned $108.5 million alone. On the other hand, people did not seem much interested in playing blackjack in September. In fact, the game wasn’t particularly interesting last month, as it reported a drop of 10.3 percent, earning $82.6 million.

Roulette was also avoided by visitors and residents of Nevada, as its revenue also dropped by 29.6 percent, earning $28.2 million. Finally, craps reported a 15.5 percent increase as casinos offering this game managed to make a total of $37.8 million in revenue.

Not Quite As Good

Nevada also has a great offer of sportsbooks, and it seems that people were eager to place bets on sports in September, as this type of gambling brought in a total of $52.07 million. However great, it was nowhere near September 2018, which set a new record for sports betting in the state, when sportsbooks created a total revenue of $56.3 million.

Betting handle was also good but not as good as in September 2018. The recorded amount was $536.3 million, and the September 2018 record was $571 million. Nevertheless, Nevada returned the betting crown to its state with these figures, after it was taken from it by New Jersey.

One of the main reasons why September is a great month for sports betting is the return of the National Football League. However, baseball is also very popular among bettors in the Silver State.

When it comes to other sports, parlay wagering recorded a drop of 20 percent, earning $5.4 million. Moreover, under “other” sports is also basketball, and it seems that basketball bettors are not as active as bettors of other popular sports in the US. In fact, basketball recorded a cash revenue of only $912,000.


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