Nevada Gaming Control Board Grants Accel Entertainment a Two-Year License

The Nevada Gaming Control Board suggested that Accel Entertainment should get a two-year gaming license early this month. This would enable it to supply local bars, gaming cafes, restaurants, and truck stops with its slot machines and Video Gaming Terminals (VGTs).

Still, the Board approved Accel's license on Thursday, thus giving it the green light to close its $140 million deal with Century Gaming Technologies before May 31.

A Former Board Chairman Supports Accel Entertainment

Accel Entertainment opted to name the Nevada Gaming Control Board's former chairman, Dennis Neilander, as its compliance committee's leader for its licensing procedure to be successful. He will work with Sandra Douglass Morgan, an ex-chairman, and her Covington & Burlington partners.

Morgan will offer advice on various corporate-related issues as they review company policies. Accel Entertainment found this to be necessary after some Board members criticized it a few weeks ago due to compliance problems. They include how it handled sexual harassment accusations, retained documents, and issued due diligence.

The firm focuses on VGTs, and it is likely to pay the Illinois Gaming Control Board a $5 million fine after signing a deal with DraftKings. The agreement contravened the law that prohibits companies from using incentives.

Accelerated Compliance Initiatives That Accel Took

The entertainment company took a few compliance measures to aid its license approval and get a huge share in Nevada and Montana's gaming markets. They are the most distributed in the country. Also, it acquired Century Gaming Technologies.

Derek Harmer, Accel's general counsel and chief compliance officer, hinted at hiring Dee Robinson. He is Accel's board of directors’ member and was part of Illinois' Gaming Board before he got appointed to work as a committee member. The company believes that he will help it face its gaming compliance accusations.

Accel Entertainment will partner with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) International Center for Gaming Regulation to implement training courses for compliance practices such as business background checks, plans, vendors, and extra audits.

The company proved that it had been alerted about the requirements and is taking certain steps to reach Nevada's gold compliance standards. Commissioner Ben Kieckhefer said that he appreciated Accel's efforts to comply.

A board member stated that Accel Entertainment's effort to high good people is helping the board get over its initial reservations. The Nevada Gaming Commission permitted William Hill to be Palms Casino's betting lounges and sportsbook's managing partner.

Jenifer Togliatti Talks Discloses How Accel Entertainment Challenged Illinois Gaming Board's Fine

Harmer stated that they disagree on how the law should be applied in Nevada as the Illinois Gaming Board accuses it of misconduct. He added that the legal body has transformed in the past decade as the Board has allowed conduct between terminal operators and local establishments. This highlights how they can collaborate and share services.

Still, the council thinks that the fine isn't linked to the misconduct as the Gaming Board claimed. Kieckhefer stated that Accel's compliance efforts impressed him, and it was discouraging to hear the Gaming Control Board accusing it wrongly before the company got unanimous approval.


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