New Event Running at PartyPoker

When it comes to the online poker industry, PartyPoker continues to be one of the names that stands out in this space. This company is known for running some great events throughout the year, and it’s currently offering something for the low stakes online poker players. 

The “Big Quarter” Event is off and running at PartyPoker, and the action will last all the way through the early part of May. There are still some parts of this event that are unclear, but players have already been competing for a spot at the final table in May. 

One thing that PartyPoker has yet to explain is why the name of this event is called the “Big Quarter.” The name would suggest that it costs just a quarter to buy into the tournament, but that’s not even close to being the case.

In fact, the buy-in for this event is set at $11, and that’s a pretty standard cost for many of the events that are offered by PartyPoker. Since the event is going to last several months, PartyPoker can’t claim this is a quarterly event either. 

Despite the strange name, this is another event that should work for PartyPoker, and it’s one that is being celebrated by the players. 

Freerolls to Enter

PartyPoker has offered an $11 buy-in to this tournament, but that’s only one of the ways to get into the action. In fact, some players are going to earn a chance to get into the later stage of the tournament without paying a single cent. 

There are satellite events taking place, and some of the entries to those tournaments are free, but the payouts are tremendous. Other satellite events have an extremely low buy-in, but the reward is earning a seat at the next step up in this event. 

Since this tournament is being offered for low-stakes players, it’s unlikely that many of the biggest names in the sport are going to get involved. This action also spans a few months, and that will keep some of the top players from entering other major events from PartyPoker. 

More information on how to enter the freerolls into the Big Quarter event can be found on the PartyPoker website. 

A Look at the Tournament

It is pretty common for PartyPoker to set up some events with a buy-in as little as $11, but that usually comes with a very small prize pool. That’s not going to be the case with the Big Quarter Event as at least $200,000 is guaranteed. 

Qualifying has already started online, and players have been punching their tickets to the next round of the event. Some of those players will now get to sit out until May 5th as they try to compete to be one of the top 24 players. 

Big days in this event are set for February 11th and February 18th as that is when more of the players are going to be eliminated from competition. While some events from PartyPoker tend to be extremely hard to figure out, that’s not the case here. 


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