New Games at Ignition Casino

Ignition Casino continues to be one of the biggest names in the online casino industry, and it’s an operator that refuses to slow down. There are a number of new games at the Ignition Casino, and all of those options have created some new and exciting opportunities to win. 

Not only does Ignition Casino continue to launch new games, but there are also some great promotions to check out as well. Here is a look at some of the newest games at the Ignition Casino, and you should also check out the promotions before playing these games.

Easter Plinko

It’s pretty common for online casinos to launch new games for every new season, and Easter Plinko is the latest to hit the shelves at Ignition Casino. This game is a new take on the classic Plinko game that has been made popular by the Price is Right. 

Instead of a plinko piece coming down the screen, there is an egg that is coming down on the screen to get the action going. This game is also set in front of an Easter themed background, and that allows for players to get into the Easter spirit. 


The minimum bet for this game is set at $1.50, and that allows a number of players to get involved with the action. There is a 1,000x win multiplier available as well, and that means that a player can rack up the wins in a hurry.

This game won’t be around long, but it has already become a hit in time for Easter. 

Pirate 21

While most of the new online games at Ignition Casino come in the form of a slot casino, that isn’t the case with the new Pirate 21 game. This new Pirate 21 game is a twist on the traditional blackjack game, and it has features that combine a table game with online slots. 

One of the top features of this game is a multi-hand blackjack option where players can attempt to beat the dealer with multiple hands at one time. There is also an opportunity to match the dealer with a side bet, and that is another unique option when it comes to trying to win this game. 

One nice thing about this new game is that the minimum bet is just $1.00, and the maximum win is nine times the stake. Wins can add up quickly for bettors that want to try to win big with a massive stake. 

Carnaval Fever

Ignition Casino is also looking into other cultures in order to come up with new games, and that is the case with the Carnaval Fever game. This game takes some of the best parts of the Rio Carnival and puts it into a highly interactive slots game. 

Since this is a traditional online slots game at Ignition Casino, the minimum bet is just $0.10 per line. There are a ton of wild symbols available with this game, and that means a ton of chances to win.


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