New Hope for Texans Thanks to Casino Tycoon

Texas’ legislature has previously been unenthusiastic to endorse legal casinos in the state. There have been several attempts over the years, but the bills fail soon after presenting them in the house.

However, things might take a different direction thanks to a casino tycoon’s political interest, Sheldon Adelson. During the recent election, Adelson made a huge donation to the Republic campaign, which looked like a good sign to introduce Las Vegas-style betting facilities in Texas.

Together with his wife, Dr. Miriam Adelson, the casino tycoon, donated more than $4.5 million into the State House’s latest campaign. Ahead of the new parliamentary session, one Texas legislature has proposed a constitutional revision that would permit casinos in specific locations within the state. Even a State Representative, Joe Deshotel, Democrat, said it was the paramount time for the state to recheck its gambling laws.

The legislator went ahead and demonstrated that the endorsement of casinos would preserve Texas money within the state. In his explanation, Deshotel said all the neighboring states had at least one or more casino near the Texas State borders, luring Texans into those establishments for entertainment. In return, Texans take money to neighboring states, yet it could remain within the state if casinos were legal.

State Rep. Doshotel further explained that permitting casinos in the state would eliminate channels for money leaving Texas. Instead, the money could go to Texas’ reserves as tax and eventually help Texans who might need support.

What Are Lawmakers Proposing About the Legalization Of Casinos In The State?

Rep. Deshotel has suggested the establishment of Las Vegas-style casino facilities in Texas. These casinos will be located in various shoreline areas of the state. The proposal comes shortly after a similar bid fell short during the preceding legislative sitting. Six other bills also didn’t go through the legalization process as they fell short in one way or the other.

As the new legislatorial session will commence soon after New Year’s eve, Texas will have a challenging task to pass a gambling bill. The legislature will have to rectify a $4.6 billion budget that has fallen short this year following the pandemic affecting the globe. Yet, the legalizing of casinos on coastal lines in Texas could solve the shortfall as it will provide a new Texas revenue source. But, considering Texas has previously made similar efforts to legalize gambling facilities, the recent efforts might not gain traction.

However, with a strong client such as Sheldon Adelson, things might take a different turn this time around. According to an accomplice of the Advisory Board of International Center for Gaming Regulations at the University of Nevada, Mark Lipparelli, significant casino players/influencers would put Texas on top of their lists. This means many would consider playing in Texas.

Moreover, Adelson’s casino empire, Las Vegas Sands, was reported last month to have been consulting with a consultant to implore interest for its Vegas assets. The company can get over $6 billion for its Palazzo and Venetian resorts and Sands Expo Convention Center. These properties are linked along the Las Vegas Strip. The company established that it has been in its early discussion about the impending sale of the assets but is yet to finalize anything.

Rebecca Kont
Rebecca Kont

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