New Jersey Gamblers Losing to Casinos

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement has announced gaming numbers from December and 2023, and casino players in the state just can’t seem to catch a break. Online casino gambling is more popular than ever in New Jersey, and the casinos and sportsbooks in the state are hoping it stays that way. 

Casino revenue from the commercial casinos in the state still led the way in terms of total revenue as the total was up over $2.8 billion. That was only a slight increase in the numbers for 2022, but other industries saw a much more significant jump. 

The income generated from online casinos increased by 16% in 2023, and that is one industry that has continued to see growth. For 2023, the total income from that gambling industry checked in at $1.92 billion. 

Sports betting also had a massive year, but it’s clear that casino gambling in New Jersey just continues to attract plenty of action. The total gross gaming revenue from all of the different industries in New Jersey checked in at $5.778 billion in 2023, an 11% increase from the 2022 totals. 

Slot machines, both in-person and online continue to generate the most revenue, while the revenue from table games actually dipped in 2023. 

Casinos Deliver in December

Gambling action in New Jersey tends to increase during the summer months as that is when there is more action in Atlantic City. Visitors flock to the casino in Atlantic City on the boardwalk, while others tend to log on to their computers to get in on the action. 

While December was not a record-setting month for the casino industry, the numbers were still extremely solid. There was over $1.3 billion wagered for the month, and casinos were able to keep just over $100 million of those wagers to end the year. 

September 2023 was actually the biggest month on record in the state as the total revenue that month was over $111 million. Sportsbooks also had a great 2023 in general as a massive December revenue total pushed the total revenue to over $1 billion for the previous calendar year. 

A Look Ahead

New Jersey is not a state that is going to see new casinos emerge as Atlantic City is already pretty crowded with great options. That might not be the case on the online side of things though as there is still some room for growth to take place. 

There have been new attractions added to Atlantic City, and that should bring even more people to the popular gambling center of the state. There haven’t been any firm projections made about the total revenue coming for the year, but things should continue to grow. 

It will be key to check out the legislative issues facing the state in 2024, as election years always tend to bring about some changes. A ban on smoking at Atlantic City casinos has been proposed, and that could limit the potential for growth. 


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