NFL Odds: Chances of Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger Retiring After 2021

“The end of an era” is a phrase that gets thrown a lot in the sporting world as one generation of players is set to exit the game. That’s sort of what’s going on in the NFL as Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger are two of the last active quarterbacks who played at the beginning of the 2000s. However, despite being in the league for as long as they have, both men continue to defy age to maintain their starting quarterback roles.

Unfortunately, there’s another saying that reminds people that “Father Time is undefeated” and, eventually, there will be a day that Brady and Roethlisberger do have to hang up their cleats. It’s only a matter of figuring out when their last NFL game will be.

While nobody will know that before they do, BetOnline has released odds on whether or not the duo will retire at the end of the 2021 season. Obviously, they’re not a guarantee, however, they do help shed some light on possible scenarios.

Here’s a look at those retirement odds.

Will Tom Brady Retire After the 2021 NFL Season?

Odds via BetOnline as of Wednesday, August 11

  • No (-1500)
  • Yes (+600)

At -1500 odds, it’s looking like Tom Brady will still be around for at least one more season. After all, he is signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers until the end of the 2022 NFL season and he’s not the type of player to ditch a time while being under contract.

It also shouldn’t be a surprise that Brady is expected to play at least one more season beyond the next. Despite being 44 years old, he hasn’t looked his age on the field. Brady completed 65.7% of his passes last season for 4,633 passing yards and 40 touchdowns — the second time he’s ever accomplished both feats in the same season. It certainly helps when he has one of the best pass-catching groups in the league, as well as a team that’s solid in every other position. The Buccaneers have made Brady’s final years easy, which is a good reason to continue competing.

There’s also the fact that as long as the Buccaneers are perennial Super Bowl contenders, Brady is going to continue sticking around. Tampa Bay currently has the second-best odds (+600) to go on a championship run in the 2021 NFL season, which means ‘TB12’ has a chance to add to his legacy by winning his eighth title. In other words, until the Buccaneers or Brady slow down, expect to continue seeing him under center in the NFL.

Will Ben Roethlisberger Retire After the 2021 Season?

Odds via BetOnline as of Wednesday, August 11

  • Yes (-300)
  • No (+200)

At -300 odds, it’s looking like there’s a pretty good chance that this could be Roethlisberger’s final season with the Pittsburgh Steelers. This will be his 18th year playing for the same team, which isn’t something that a lot of players can say in the history of the league. However, Roethlisberger has been nothing but loyal to the Steelers and that’s allowed him to remain as their starting quarterback.

Unfortunately, Roethlisberger has looked like he’s lost somewhat of a step. In the 2018 NFL season, he threw for career highs in passing yards (5,129) and touchdowns (34). However, after suffering a season-ending elbow injury in 2019, Roethlisberger has been looking more like his age. While his 33 passing TDs were impressive last year, his 3,803 yards through the air were his fewest over a full season since 2012. That’s not to say that Roethlisberger isn’t a starting QB anymore (because he is), but it shows that he has begun to regress and that regression will quicken the longer he’s in the NFL.

If this is truly ‘Big Ben’s’ last NFL campaign, you can bet that he’ll try to give it his all in hopes that he ends up on top.

Devon Platana
Devon Platana

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