NFL Odds: Will Canada Host Games in 2022 Season?

One of the changes coming coming in the upcoming NFL season is the fact that there will now be 17 games instead of 16. However, that’s not the only change around the corner. With an extra game on the schedule, the league is looking at having at least four games each season played at neutral-site locations. This opens up to having more games played in places like Mexico, England or even Canada.

Canada has a history of hosting NFL games in the post, with a majority happening in Toronto, Ontario. Most of these were exhibition games, although the Buffalo Bills did play several regular-season games in Toronto throughout the 2000s, albeit not since 2013.

Still, the door is open for more NFL games in Canada and, assuming vaccination rollout happens at a moderate speed and the borders open up, there’s a real possibility that the NFL could have regular-season games played in Canada by the end of 2022. In fact, Bovada is favoring a 2022 NFL return to Canada at -160 odds.

Will the NFL Play a Regular-Season Game in Canada in 2022?

Odds via Bovada as of Monday, April 19

  • Yes (-160)
  • No (+120)

As mentioned before, the -160 odds indicate that it’s likely the NFL will return to Canada by the end of 2022. The game is extremely popular up north and the league’s past experiment with the Bills has helped create a loyal fanbase in the city and beyond.

“We have a tremendous fan base in Canada who we actively serve,” NFL Executive Vice President Chris Halpin said to Postmedia reporters last month. “We would love to play regular-season games in Canada.”

The NFL has only played one game in Canada since 2013 and that was an exhibition game between the former Oakland Raiders and Green Bay Packers in Winnipeg, Manitoba. With that being said, the league is overdue to have another game hosted north of the border, especially a meaningful one. With the league’s desire to return to Canada and the country’s past love for the league, all signs point to a game being played in 2022.

Which Canadian City Will Host the Next Regular Season Game?

Odds via Bovada as of Monday, April 19

  • Toronto (-120)
  • Vancouver (+200)
  • Montreal (+225)
  • Ottawa (+800)
  • Edmonton (+1600)
  • Calgary (+1800)

If and when the NFL returns to Canada, the most likely city to host a game is Toronto at -120 odds. It makes sense because Toronto is Canada’s biggest city and has hosted 12 games during the Super Bowl era. As mentioned before, the NFL built up a loyal fanbase in Toronto because of how many games the Bills have played there in the 2000s.

The Rogers Centre in Toronto can fit up to 54,000 football fans, meaning it’s more than suitable for an NFL game once again.

Vancouver, British Columbia is the second-likeliest option at +200 odds. It’s the third-biggest city in Canada and, due to the city’s close proximity to Seattle, there are a lot of Seahawks fans that live there. The city’s never hosted an NFL game before, so it would be a welcome surprise. BC Place, where the Canadian football League’s BC Lions play, can also fit over 54,000 fans, making it a suitable option as well.

The truth is that Canada has plenty of options for the NFL to choose from when they return to the country. Now, it all comes down to which place makes the most sense for the league.

Devon Platana
Devon Platana

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