NFL Odds: Will Fields, Lance and Jones Start in the 2021 Season?

The 2021 NFL Draft saw five quarterbacks taken in the first round. While Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson are expected to be their team’s starting QB, the same can’t be said for the three other first-round signal-callers.

Trey Lance, Justin Fields and Mac Jones are each in interesting situations. Lance was drafted third overall by the San Francisco 49ers. Despite him being their quarterback of the future, Jimmy Garoppolo has the job right now. While there have been rumors that the 49ers might move him this offseason, it’s still “Jimmy G’s” job to lose.

Meanwhile, Fields was taken by the Chicago Bears at No. 11 after they sent a handful of draft picks to the New York Giants to move up. However, the Bears have both Andy Dalton and Nick Foles, two veteran quarterbacks, on their depth chart ahead of Fields.

Lastly, the Patriots selected Jones with the No. 15 pick. He has all the tools to succeed in Bill Belichick’s system, but Cam Newtown is projected to be the team’s starting signal-caller for the 2021 NFL season.

With that being said, things can change before the new campaign kicks off. More trades could happen and players could end up winning or losing starting jobs during training camp.

Here’s a look at BetOnline’s odds regarding whether or not Lance, Fields and Jones will see NFL action this season.

NFL Odds: Will Trey Lance Start for the 49ers Before Their Bye Week?

Odds via BetOnline as of Wednesday, May 5

  • No (-300)
  • Yes (+200)

As mentioned before, the 49ers’ starting quarterback job belongs to Garoppolo unless stated otherwise. After all, the team is paying him an average salary of $27 million and that would be pretty expensive for a backup. That’s why, at -300 odds, it’s looking unlikely that Lance will start for the 49ers before their bye week.

First of all, we don’t know when their bye week is yet. The 2021 NFL schedule is expected to be released on May 12, so we’ll have a better idea of when Lance might play by then. San Francisco could also want to give Garoppolo a look before moving on from him.

It could also end up being like the Ryan Fitzpatrick-Tua Tagovailoa situation last season. Fitzpatrick started the year as the Miami Dolphins’ starter until the first game after their bye week when they began rolling with Tagovailoa after being sure the rookie was ready.

Will Justin Fields Start for the Bears in Week 1?

Odds via BetOnline as of Wednesday, May 5

  • No (-500)
  • Yes (+300)

Out of these three rookie quarterbacks, Fields may have the toughest path to find an opportunity to start this NFL season.

The Bears just signed Dalton to a one-year deal, ensuring him that he would be the starter this season. Things can change, but you have to imagine it’d make Chicago look bad if they went back on their word. Plus, Foles has been there for a few seasons now, so he has some seniority. That’s why BetOnline is leaning towards Fields not playing in Week 1 at -500 odds.

NFL Odds: Will Mac Jones Start in Week 1?

Odds via BetOnline as of Wednesday, May 5

  • No (-400)
  • Yes (+250)

At -400 odds, it’s not looking like Jones will be the Patriots’ starting QB to kick off the 2021 NFL season. The team brought Newton back for another season and, even though he looked awful last season, it’s his job to lose. The Patriots probably want to properly develop Jones, too. Belichick is particular about how he does things, so you can bet he’s going to want to take his time until his rookie signal-caller is ready for the New England spotlight.

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