Nick Petrangelo Is the Stack Leader in the Ongoing Super High Roller Bowl VIII

Aria Resort & Casino is hosting the ongoing Super High Roller Bowl VIII that started on September 28. Day 1 had a 20-entry field and a $6,000,000 prize pool. The tournament’s winner will receive $2,760,000.

Nick Petrangelo was the stack leader when Day 1’s action ended, followed closely by Andrew Lichtenberger. Twelve entrants proceed to Day 2 and will play on Friday, including Isaac Haxton, Cary Katz, Jason Koon, Daniel Negreanu, Paul Jager, Kristen Foxen, Bryn Kenney, Chris Brewer, Justin Bonomo, and Stephen Chidwick.

The leading four players will place a $600,000 min-cash bet and will double their investment. The third-place finisher will take home $960,000, and the runner-up will receive $1,680,000.

Jonathan Jaffe Exits the Tournament

Jonathan Jaffe and Haxton didn’t last for long at the event. Foxen and Jaffe placed time extensions and bets on the 2♦Q♣K♦J♥A♣ board. Yet, the latter used pocket tens to seek a straight before getting a huge pot and a vital stack lead.

Haxton clashed with Jaffe and got the chip lead. The former used a set of fives to flop after placing a three-bet from a small blind. Luck was on his side as he made a full house improvement, and the board paired.

Jaffe called two wagers from a small blind. He collected more chips before Dan Smith’s flopped straight busted him.

Kisacikoglu Loses to Negreanu

Jason Koon grew his initial 300,000 chips to almost 600,000 chips after shoving Kristen Foxen. The latter didn’t regain her chips, and she left the tournament with 251,000 chips.

Lichtenberger faced Alex Foxen in the day’s first levels. Paul Jager lost a few pots to Negreanu and Justin Bonomo. Lichtenberger, who recently won a Poker Masters event, collected many chips after beating Alex Foxen in a clash.

The latter placed a huge river wager, and the former used a pair of aces to call as they improved their chip position. Negreanu dropped his stack position at the leaderboard before busting Orpen Kisacikoglu and extending his run. The latter used tens and aces to put his stack on the turn, and the former got a Broadway straight.

Chris Brewer led the Day’s field for a while before Haxton got the chip lead. The former sent Adrian Mateos packing and got a straight. Talal Shakerchi, Foxen, Koon, and Kenney were at Brewer’s table.

Petrangelo beat Dan Smith for a two pair on the flop and got the chip lead briefly before Bill Klein used pocket aces to double him. However, Petrangelo led Smith, Alex Foxen, Klein, Negreanu, and Lichtenberger early on Level 6.

Lichtenberger busted Alex Foxen and became the chip leader. Petrangelo caught up with him after knocking out Smith and Klein. Davies felt the tournament and left 13 players battling it out for a seat at the final table.


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