Nick Raio Wins $60,000 in the bestbet Jacksonville Spring Series Mystery Bounty Main Event

Nick Raio won $60,000 prize money in the $1,680 MLH Mystery Bounty Main Event. His victory came after the dealer dealt five hands on the final table. He also won the bestbet title besides the money.

Other remaining players at the event's final table included Justin Swilling, Jason Cummings, Gil Levy, and Tyler Phillips. Each of them won $41,813. The bounty tournament had a $50,000 bounty and 405 entrants from three starting flights. They generated $405,000 as prize money and an extra bounty pool.

Raio's live poker earnings were $175,018 before he entered the tournament. The Hendon Mob states that $13,367 was his last best score.

The poker pro told PokerNews that he felt great after winning his largest live cash as he had played a lot of events at bestbet. Yet, he had never won any of its events.

bestbet Jacksonville Mystery Bounty Main Event Final Table Score

  1. Nick Raio from St. John's, Florida-$60,000
  2. Tyler Phillips from Charlotte, North Carolina-$41,813
  3. Gil Levy from Sanford, Florida-$41,813
  4. Justin Swilling from Port Orange, Florida-$41,813
  5. Jason Cummings from Jacksonville, Florida-$41,813
  6. Jason Lee from Jacksonville, Florida-$13,144
  7. Russell Quick from Jacksonville Beach, Florida-$13,144
  8. Charles Lonaise from Tallahassee, Florida-$10,269

A Scramble for the Bounty

Day 2 had 50 players only, and each of them was eager to bust a rival and win a huge bounty. Edward Mrcoczkoswki was the first to bag two beginning flights, and he got a bounty pull. He won a $5,000 bounty as Greg Robinson bagged twice and won a $2,000 bounty.

The second biggest bounty had a $25,000 prize, and Cummings won it shortly. He was among the day's biggest winners as he eventually won a $10,000 bounty.

Dickie Malone later won a $50,000 bounty prize being the 22nd bounty that day. Coincidentally, that is Malone's lucky number, and the prize excited him.

He often picks 22 when placing basketball, baseball, and racing wagers. The other remaining bounties were 19-$500 bounties, 12-$1,000 bounties, and one $15,000 bounty.

The Second Day's Action

Bryan Brockmeier, Ben Scrogins, Jessica Cai, Jesse Crenan, Mary Darnell, and Matt Sundberg were some of the players that exited the event early on Day 2. Timothy Pollard was Day 1a's stack leader, and he left the final table after Phillips' overpair called him, and he used a bottom pair to move in.

Phillips won $8,124 after having a deep event run despite lacking the opportunity to play at the final table.

The Five bestbet Jacksonville Spring Series Main Event Finalists

Charles Lonaise exited the final table first after his top pair lost to Raio's straight and flush draws. The latter later got a straight on the river.

Russell Quick was the chip leader when he advanced to the final table and had almost 12 bounties by evening. Unfortunately, he was the next player to exit the tournament after using ace-seven to move in and lost many chips. He later ran into Levy's pocket tens after he had doubled up several hands earlier.

Justin Lee left the table in sixth place and won $17,031 after Raio extended his lead in a flush-over-flush hand. The latter stated in an interview after his victory that he was unusually aggressive while playing that day hence putting some players in tough spots.


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