Nik Airball Wins High Stakes Poker Season 11 Episode 13 After Beating Matt Berkey

Nik Airball Wins High Stakes Poker Season 11 Episode 13 After Beating Matt Berkey

Nikhil “Nik Airball” Arcot competed in his first High Stakes Poker season on Monday night at PokerGO’s Episode 13 of Season 11. He faced experienced players like Jennifer Tilly and Matt Berkey. Tilly was the only player who returned from Episode 12.

PokerGO live-streamed Episode 13 in April in the “cackling game.” It featured Doug Polk, Eric Persson, Lynn Ji, Berkey, Rob Yong, and Jean-Robert Bellande.

The Episodes Early Stack Sizes

  1. Doug Polk-$500,000
  2. Nik Airball-$500,000
  3. Eric Persson-$400,000
  4. Jennifer Tilly-$150,000
  5. Matt Berkey-$100,000
  6. Lynn Ju-$100,000

Tilly Loses a Pot to Polk

Tilly used a small pair to win a $38,000 pot after Airball’s jack-high lost a river bluff. The latter used A♥7♥ to make an early position $1,100 raise after two hands. Polk used 3♠3♣ to call and Airball used A♠J♦ to make a $7,000 raise.

The duo called later. A 7♦4♠3♦ flop occurred as the players eyed a huge pot. It prompted Tilly to wager $12,000 as Polk used a set to call and Airball made an ace-high fold.

Tilly wagered $20,000 and got a call after the 10♥ landed on the turn. She used two pair to check after the A♦ landed on the river. Polk wagered $46,300 and Tilly called hence earning him the $178,000 pot.

Airball’s Clash With Berkey

Berkey used A♠A♦ to limp and Airball used 8♦4♦ in the big blind to check a J♦7♥2♦ flop. The former checked and the latter wagered $1,000 before making a $3,500 check-raise.

None of them got help from the K♣ on the turn. Therefore, Berkey placed a $10,000 wager that didn’t prompt Airball to make a flush draw fold. The former bet $15,000 after 5♦ landed on the river and increased the pot.

Berkey went all-in with $86,400 and got a call.he eventually recovered his $100,000 stack. Yet, he used used a flush draw to make an aces-up flop against Tilly’s pair of aces. Nevertheless, the latter lost the $199,000 pot after missing two river run-outs.

Tilly Attempts to Collect Berkey’s Chips

Polk used 5♠5♥ to create a tricky situation in the 2♦J♦5♣K♦7♠ board after Ji used A♦9♦ to make a $130,000 all-in wager. Tilly used K♥K♦ to try and collect Berkey’s chips. Ji used A♠Q♣ to make a $1,000 raise and Tilly used pocket kings to call.

Berkey used J♣3♣ to call in the big blind and a 5♣2♠4♥ flop appeared. Tilly wagered $2,000 prompting Ji to fold and Berkey to make a $6,000 check-raise of an open-ended straight draw. He later called a $17,000 three-bet.

K♣ landed on the turn as Berkey and Ji checked the river’s 4♣. The latter got a full house while the former received a flush.

Berkey had a $30,000 lead when Tilly made a $84,300 raise that earned her a $206,700 pot. PokerGO will broadcast High Stakes Poker Season 11 Episode 14 on November 20 at 8 p.m. ET.


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