Nikki Limo and Lily Newhouse Get Loose Cannon Spots in NAPT Las Vegas

The ongoing North American Poker Tour (NAPT) Las Vegas is awarding players from different states. Nikki Limo and Lily Newhouse took part in qualifying freerolls in the tournament, topped their tables, and reached the loose cannon’s audition while facing 18 opponents.

judges chose Lily and Limo hence earning them a $50,000 buy-in and seat. The duo will participate in The Big Game on Tour show.

What Does The Big Game Entail?

PokerStars hosted The Big Game show and thrilled thousands of fans from different countries and backgrounds. It allowed them to buy in for a high-stakes event against talented players before letting them loose. This resulted in the formation of the “loose cannon” game.

The Big Game had two rules. A loose cannon can retain the profit over an initial $100,000 buy-in. Therefore, anyone who gets busted or whose run ends with $99,900 doesn’t cash.

The second rule requires the cannon to play 150 hands to make the show more interesting. The Phil Hellmuth vs. Ernest Wiggins is one of the most memorable hands for the show’s enthusiasts.

Initially, The Big Game took place for two seasons before PokerStars halted it in 2011. The current show has a similar concept and a few adjustments.

Anyone Can Participate in the Show

PokerStars changed the show’s name to The Big Game on Tour. It gave all players an opportunity to qualify through live satellites. Still, it held two freerolls each having ten nine-handed tables.

The event had a shootout format that enabled each table’s champion to proceed to the audition. Its judges included Nadia Magnus (a former loose cannon), James Hartigan, and Joe Stapleton. The panel’s mandate was to decide two top players that would get the buy-in.

Hartigan explained that they asked the candidates to offer personal information in the first round like background stories that would convince the panel to select them. Seven of the initial 20 participants advanced to the second “two truths and a bluff” round. It required them to share one lie and two truths with the panel of judges.

The final round allowed the contestants to challenge judges to call their bluff and talk about their lives. A few candidates made stunning presentations that put the panel in a dilemma on who to choose.

Hartigan revealed that they eventually picked Newhouse and Limo due to their high winning probability when they face poker pros and their suitability for fun TV. But the duo has a difficult task ahead as their poker prowess will be tested soon.

The $100 No-Limit Hold’em and $200 No-Limit Hold’em tables will played on November 8 and 9. Each loose cannon has to face and beat tough opponents on the felt. However, Magnus will offer them crucial tips for the highly anticipated day and information on what to expect.


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