Niklas Astedt and starwins:) Bags Top Prizes at the 2023 PokerStars WCOOP

Talented poker players from different countries are trooping it at PokerStars to try their luck in the ongoing 2023 World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP). Niklas “Lena900” Astedt and starwins:) won the recent tournaments after leading their fields, each of them taking home over $100,000. Here is how the events played out.

Astdet Shines at the WCOOP 38-H: $5,200 NLHE Turbo Progressive Knockout Sunday Cooldown High Roller

Niklas “Lena900” Astedt is a renowned high-stakes poker player globally. He signed up for the $5,200 NLHE Turbo Progressive Knockout alongside 80 other players.

The tournament's action had a fast pace as the field drastically reduced to nine players after a few hours. Alexandros “Pnwndidi'' Theologis was the first player to cash after finishing 10th with $8,125.

Samuel Vousden was the first finalist to leave the table. He finished ninth with a $6,491 prize but failed to collect bounties.

David “MissOracle” Yan, Pantoja RO, and Ognyan “cocojamb0” Dimov finished eighth, seventh, and sixth place respectively. Christian “WATnlos” Rudolph followed them in the fifth position.

Benjamin “bencb789” Rolle’s run ended in fourth place. Pedro “pvigar” Garagnani exited the tournament in third place setting up a match between Astdet and Yuri “theNERDguy” Dzivielevski.

The duo battled it out for a while, each of them securing $47,788 from the pool. However, Dzivielevski lost a huge bounty to Astdet and finished as the runner-up with $71,381 prize.

What Were the Final Table’s Scores?

  1. Niklas “Lena900” Astdet from Sweden- a $113,569 total prize; $65,781 bounties and a $47,788 prize
  2. Yuri “theNERDguy” Dzivielevski from Brazil- a $71,381 total prize
  3. Pedro “pvigar” Garagnani from Brazil-a $36,260 total prize; $5,625 bounties and a $30,635
  4. Benjamin “bencb789” Rolle from Austria- a $26,686 total prize; $3,750 bounties and a $22,936 prize
  5. Christian “WATnlos” Rudolph from Austria-$24,358 total prize; $7,187 bounties and a $17,171 prize
  6. Ognyan “cocokjamb0” Dimov from Bulgaria-$21,918 total prize; $9,062 bounties and a $12,856 prize
  7. Pantoja RO from Brazil- a $12,125 total prize; $2,500 bounties and a $9,625 prize
  8. David “MissOracle” Yan from New Zealand- a $15,643 total prize; $8,437 bounties and a $7,206 prize
  9. Samuel "€urop€an" Vousden from Finland- a $6,491 total prize; $0 bounties and a $6,491 prize

starwins:) Clinches the WCOOP 35-H: $10,300 NLHE Progressive KO High Roller Title

starwins:) is the largest winner in the 2023 WCOOP so far. He led the 84-entry field in the WCOOP 35-H: $10,300 NLHE Progressive KO High Roller which had a $840,000 prize pool. The player beat Alexandros Theologis in the last hand and sent them packing as a runner-up with $115,102.

The Top Finalists Prizes

  1. starwins:) from Denmark- $228,540
  2. Alexandros “Pwndidi” Theologis from Austria- $115,102
  3. Talal “raidalot” Shakerchi from the United Kingdom- $68,275
  4. Ilya “Leqenden” Anatsky from Belarus- $48,703
  5. Roman Romanovsky from Ukraine-$58,643
  6. viejolobo211 from Ukraine- $39,421
  7. Rodrigo Selouan from Brazil-$33,144
  8. Pedro “pvigar” Garagnani from Brazil-$41,110
  9. Christian “WATnlos” Rudolph from Austria- $25,254


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