Niklas Astedt Wins $342,000 in GG Online Championship

Renowned poker players often compete in tournaments with high stakes. The GG Online Championship (GGOC) festival is a high-stakes poker event that GGPoker recently held. Several bettors had six-figure scores last weekend from different GGOC events, such as Niklas Astedt, an online poker pro.

Astedt was among the 142 entries who spent $10,300 to get an opportunity to be the Sunday Million High Rollers tournament's champion. The top 20 finalists shared a $1,500,000 prize pool, and Mikita Badziakouski popped the prize bubble after he busted in the 21st position.

His elimination ensured that the remaining players got a minimum of $20,082 for their commitment, and it gradually rose to $34,291 when the final table of nine players was set. "yesnogo" and Aram Oganyan were the first finalists to leave the table as they won $45,728 and $34,291 respectively.

Matas "NoWeyyy" Cikinas and Adrian Mateos were eliminated after "yesnogo." Cikinas won $60,979, and Mateos went home with $81,318, which was the last final five-figure score in the championship.

Artisom Prostak left the event in fifth place with $108,439, while Paulo "Agorist '' Brombim got eliminated in fourth place and went home with $144,606.

Joao Vieira was busted in third place and got $192,835. He left Astedt in a heads-up battle against Sebastian Trisch. Spectators keenly followed the action in case the two remaining finalists decided to strike a deal as the prize money was over $85,000.

Astedt isn't fond of making deals on heads-up action as he has won many tournaments in the past. The battle earned him $342,915 after he beat Trisch, who went home with $257,150.

The $10,300 Sunday Million High Rollers Final Table

  1. Niklas Astedt from Norway won $342,915
  2. Sebastian Trisch from Austria got $257,150
  3. Joao Vieira from Brazil received $192,835
  4. Paulo "Agorist" Brombim from Brazil won $144,606
  5. Artsiom Prostak from Thailand got $108,439
  6. Adrian Mateos from Mexico won $81,318
  7. Matas "NoWeyyy" Cikinas from Mexico received $60,979
  8. Yesnogo from Hong Kong got $45,728
  9. Aram Oganyan from Mexico won $34,291

guitiradent1 Wins $266,923

The $400 buy-in GGOC Spring Classic had 7,780 players who formed a $2,925,280 prize pool. But, only 1,132 entries advanced to the final day, and 800 entrants won money. Anyone who reached the final table won at least $31,389, thus making it a worthy investment.

La-Paloma69 won $31,389 and was the first player to leave the table. Leandro "TheBlackHand" Bustillo won $41,857, Hongija "vincent2059" Li got $55,818, while Ilia "Alenys_hka" Plaxin received $74,434 and they were the next players who got busted.

Dejan "Velasevic" won $99,260 and narrowly missed a six-figure cash prize. Fabian "lordof0513" Schmidt finished fourth and won $132,366. Jefferson Dosso got eliminated in third place and won $176,513, thus leaving Laszlo Molnar in a heads-up battle with guitiradent1.

The duo made a deal that lessened pay jumps. guitiradent1 took over the lead. He won $266,923 and the title, while Molnar won $282,353.

Other May 22 GGOC Results

Seven GGPoker pros added six-figure scores to their bankrolls, such as Samuel Vousden. He won 4294,605 in the $25,500 Sunday Million SHR. Kelvin Kerber won $127,544 in the $400 Omaholic Spring Championship.


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