North Carolina Saying “No” to New Casinos

The state of North Carolina is going to have new online sports betting options in March, but that appears to be the only new gaming options coming to the state. North Carolina looked like a state that was in favor of casino expansion in 2023, but that just hasn’t been the case in 2024. 

Senate leader Phil Berger would have to be behind any new legislation to expand casinos in the state, but he is not committed to making a big push. The next legislative session isn’t set to begin until April, and he’s not likely to even consider trying to get something done. 

There are still some casinos in the state of North Carolina already, but those locations are operated by Native American tribes. Those casinos do not produce much revenue for the state, and some residents were hoping for some bigger and better options. 

The 2023 legislative session saw a massive debate on the topic of casino expansion, and it actually forced the passing of the budget to be delayed by nearly three months. Berger was actually leading the charge to legalize more casinos last year, but he’s not willing to take up the same fight again this year. 

Politics Getting in the Way

Since a new bill will be required to legalize new casinos in North Carolina, both political parties are going to have to get on the same page. That didn’t happen last year, and leaders of the Democrat party have maintained that they will fight hard again. 

Democrat leaders in North Carolina are looking out for residents in counties that oppose new casino projects. Specific casinos have already been selected as potential sites for new projects, and many in those areas are not interested in seeing the industry come to the state. 

Republicans ultimately decided to back off of their demands for new casinos back in 2023 as it allowed the budget to get passed. This battle was expected to pick back up in 2024, but Berger is bailing on the bill before it even gets going again. 

There are still many residents in the state that are in favor of new casino projects, and they are expected to lobby to leaders of the Republican Party. 

Other Pressing Issues

While casino expansion did appear to be at the top of the list heading into 2024, there are more pressing issues facing leaders of the state. Both political parties are interested in legalizing more video lottery terminals, and there should be plenty of discussion around that topic. 

Berger is no longer interesting in being in charge of this for his own party, and it doesn’t appear that anyone else is going got step up. Members of the House have also acknowledged that this is not something that will be put on the floor at any point.

Medicinal marijuana is another topic that is going to be brought up starting in April, and that discussion should take some time. There could be a chance that a compromise is made at some point, and that could get casinos back on the table. 


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