“nuncanemvi” Is 888poker’s $100,000 Mystery Bounty Main Event’s Champion

888poker recently concluded its $100, 000 Mystery Bounty Main Event. It had 837 unique entrants and 208 re-entries hence forming a 1,045-entry field.

Yet, the tournament had a $104,500 prize pool. Its participants included talented players like “nuncanemvi” who defied the odds to bag the $20,451 top prize.

The champion collected bounties worth $12,489 while eliminating tough opponents in the tournament. Generally, the Main Event’s final table consists of eight players. But, a double elimination of “Blondal” and “blufingbaldy” occurred on the tournament’s Day 1 and the remaining seven players advanced to the final day.

Even so, the final table’s stacks were randomly distributed. “Mr. Exploiter” and “Bleilsaboy10” held nine big blinds each. “BehindSpace” and “andybooo9” topped the leaderboard each holding 89 big blinds.

What Were the Biggest Payouts?

  1. nuncanemvi from Brazil-a $20,451 total prize; $12,489 bounties and a $7,962 prize
  2. andybooo9 from Denmark- a $6,957 total prize; $1,136 bounties and a $5,820 prize
  3. BehindSpace from Romania- a $4,447 total prize; $169 bounties and a $4,287 prize
  4. Bielsaboy10 from the UK- a $4,178 total prize; $1,034 bounties and a $3,144 prize
  5. pandaman from Ireland- a $2,594 total prize; $267 bounties and $2,327 prize
  6. Ildi2186 from Romania- a $3,394 total prize; $1,661 bounties and a $1,733 prize
  7. Mr.Exploiter from Ukraine- a $2,049 total prize;$747 bounties and a $1,302 prize
  8. Blondal from Denmark-a $1,070 total prize; $84 bounties and a $986 prize

The Final Day’s Action

Mr. Exploiter was the first player to leave the tournament on the last night. He used ace-nine from under the gun to make a six big blinds all-in move and nuncanemvi used ace-queen to call in the big blind. However, a queen landed on the turn while another appeared on the flop hence eliminating Mr.Exploiter.

Ildi2186 lost a coinflip to andybooo9. The former used ace-king to put his remaining seven big blinds in the middle while the latter used pocket queens to make a big blind call. The queens improved on the turn and Ildi2186’s run ended in sixth place.

pandaman followed Ildi2186 in fifth place after several minutes. Andybooo9 used ace-queen to go all-in in the small blind. pandaman took a bold move when they used the dominating king-queen to call off 15 big blinds hence drawing dead.

Bielsaboy10 finished fourth when their stack drastically reduced to 1.8 big blinds. Nuncanemvi used pocket kings to make an under the gun limp.

andybooo9 used queen-seven of spades to make a 7.6 big blinds button raise while Bielsaboy10 used ace-five of diamonds to call off their remaining stack. nuncanemvi went all-in with a four-bet before folding a raiser. Nevertheless, the kings dominated and Bielsaboy10 left the table.

BehindSpace exited the tournament in the third position after 25 minutes. nuncanemvi made a button min-raise and BehindSpace used ace-trey of diamonds to move all-in and three-bet for 16.2 big blinds.

nuncanemvi used superior ace-king to snap-call thus making a Broadway straight improvement on the river. They send andybooo9 packing in second place with $6,957.


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