Ohio Set To Relaunch Gaming Industry

The state of Ohio has been anxiously awaiting for their casinos and racetracks to reopen throughout the state, and it is set to happen in June. Governor Mike DeWine announced on Friday that casinos and racinos would be allowed to reopen on June 18, which is less than two weeks away.

Gaming venues in the state of Ohio were among the first to close in the United States as the threat of the coronavirus posed a major threat in the country. Casinos have now been closed for close to three months, and it has had a huge impact on the economy in the state of Ohio.

Casinos and racinos in the state have been lobbying to reopen for weeks, but they have yet to be included in the governor’s plans to reopen the state. Finally, Governor DeWine has included these facilities, and they officially have a reopen date set in stone.

Governor DeWine has been meeting with other lawmakers in the state, and they have created a detailed reopening plan. Businesses that attract a large number of customers have been left out of the previous plans, but the state is now comfortable with allowing them to reopen slowly.

Amusement and water parks will also be allowed to reopen at the same time as casinos, and these locations have also been waiting for the green light. Other states have already begun opening these types of venues, but Ohio has been worried about the threat of another spike in the coronavirus.

West Virginia allowed casinos to reopen on Friday, and that is the same day that Ohio made its announcement. The state could lose out on millions of dollars over the next few weeks as residents travel to other neighboring states to do their gambling.

Historical horse racing parlors can reopen in the state of Kentucky on Monday, and Indiana will begin letting their casinos accept new customers. Ohio needed to make some announcements to keep up with its neighboring states.

Casinos in Ohio will reportedly set aside specific hours for customers that are at risk for contracting the COVID-19 disease. The casinos will also be forced to implement several other health and safety protocols before they can open their doors.

Still No Sports Betting

The Ohio State Racing Commission approved horse racing throughout the state last month, and those events have been taking place. Belterra Park in Cincinnati and JACK Thistledown in Cleveland both started hosting thoroughbred meets on Thursday, and they are set to bring in plenty of revenue for the state.

MGM Northfield Park and Scioto Downs in Columbus both resumed horse racing events last month, and they will continue to host events throughout this month. Horse racing is big in the state of Ohio, and these parks play a vital role in the economy in the state.

Even though all of the horse racing tracks continue to hold races without fans, it provides a sense of normalcy to residents in the state.

Sports betting has also been on the mind of lawmakers throughout the state, but they have yet to be able to get any new laws passed. The Ohio Lottery Commission will reportedly be in charge of the new industry if lawmakers can get a new law passed.

A sports betting bill has now advanced to the Senate, and state senators are expected to meet on the bill this week. There is also a sports betting bill in the House of Representatives, and there is a huge debate about which governing body would have control over the industry.


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