Ohio University Launching Sports Betting Curriculum

Ohio University recently announced that it is partnering with U.S. Integrity to create and offer a sports betting curriculum beginning in May. The AECOM Center for Sports Administration at Ohio University is also joining forces with Cyanna Education Services to create the curriculum and offer it to their students.

The Sports Gambling Education curriculum will be a three-step certification program. Enrollment for the course is not yet open, but there is a link on the Ohio University website that allows anyone interested in the program register. More information will be sent out when enrollment opens up for the first part of the program.

Cyanna Education Services will create the platform and will launch the program when it is ready. Cyanna Education Services is a leader in online education, and they are trusted by colleges and universities throughout the country.

This groundbreaking course is intended for coaches, students, and administrators who are wanting to learn more about the sports betting industry. This program will give students the tools to identify sports betting fraud, and will help them create a solution to stop it from happening. The sports betting industry continues to grow in the United States, and this program will help build leaders who can regulate the industry.

The Sports Gambling Education program will be offered fully online, and participants can complete the course at whatever pace they choose. Participants must complete the first course before they can enroll in the second course.

Anyone who completes all three courses will then be given a test to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the curriculum. After passing the test, Ohio University will then award “students” with a certificate documenting their completion of the course.

The AECOM Center for Sports Administration is no stranger to developing post-graduate courses in the sports industry. SportBusiness International recently claimed that Ohio University has the top overall post-graduate sports course in the world. This course will be the first of its kind in the United States and should earn plenty of accolades as well.

Status of Sports Betting in Ohio

It should be noted that legalized sports betting has not happened in the state of Ohio yet, but lawmakers continue to propose bills in an effort to get things going. Neighboring states in the Midwest, such as Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois, have all recently legalized sports betting, and it has created some momentum for Ohio lawmakers.

There have actually been a pair of sports betting bills that have passed through their respective chambers of the legislature, but the bills are competing against each other. Democrats and Republicans can’t seem to agree on how the industry should be legalized, and the same can be said for the Ohio House and Ohio Senate.

One major hurdle that lawmakers will have to cross is coming to an agreement about which group or organization will oversee the industry. The bill that’s been proposed in the House would create a Sports Gaming Advisory Board to oversee the industry.

The Senate wants to give the power to the Ohio Casino Control Commission, and this seems to have the most overall support for lawmakers. The Ohio Casino Control Commission is already familiar with gambling laws in the state, and it would keep the state from having to create another organization.

Another issue that needs to be worked out is whether or not a constitutional amendment would have to be created to legalize the industry. Leaders in the Senate believe that a new amendment is necessary, while the House seems to disagree. The Ohio legislature is currently shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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