Online Gaming Revenues Double in Delaware for December

While the COVID-19 has decimated several industries around the world, online gambling is not one of them. Because people are asked to stay home and stay away from the public, the iGaming industry has benefited from an increase in player traffic. In the United States, there are a handful of individual states that offer online gambling options, one being Delaware. Over the past few years, the state has lagged behind when it comes to iGaming. However, 2020 was different. The state actually saw a huge boost in gambling revenues, earning $8.4 million for the year, a 133.3% increase from 2019.

Yearly and Monthly Totals

For the year, it was Delaware Park that earned the number one spot when it comes to total revenues earned. However, the operator only surpassed Dover Downs by $15,000. Both of these operators earned $3.2 million for 2020.

Delaware Park saw a nice yearly increase of more than 121% while Dover Downs was up just over 127%. Harrington Raceway came in last with $2 million in earnings. When it comes to the amount of wagers place, it was Dover Downs that saw the highest surge, at over $89 million. Delaware Park was not far behind with $83 million. Harrington Raceway brought in just over $55 million in wagers.

For December, the online gaming revenue totals were over 50% higher than 2019. A total of $17.5 million in bets placed with $698,477 in revenues earned. When compared to November, the December revenues were up 23% and bets were up 6.6%.

Most of the wagers were placed on video lottery games. Over $10 million in bets produced more than $500,000 in revenues. Table games saw players wager over $6 million and raise just over $157,000 in revenues. Online poker only deposited $36,013 in earnings.

For the top earner in December, a total of $259,703 was earned by Dover Downs. Players wagered over $6 million with the operator. Delaware Park saw more bets placed at $6.8 million but only earned just over $255,000 in revenues. Harrington Raceway saw players wager over $4 million and earned more than $183,000 from bets.

Not Slowing Down

When online gambling began in Delaware in 2013, it was one of two states to offer both online casino and poker gaming. New Jersey was the second. Since launching, Delaware has not been very successful. Every month, the state was unable to even reach the $1 million mark when it came to revenues.

For years, Delaware has struggled to gain a solid footing when it comes to the online gambling industry. However, once the COVID-19 pandemic began, it led to residents being at home more often than not. Online gambling was then looked at as a form of entertainment that was both convenient and fun.

Over the past few months, the state has seen an increase in the number of players signing up at the site. in December, almost 600 new accounts were created. Players continue to create new accounts and want to take part in this industry.

It will be interesting to see if the momentum continues through 2021. The pandemic is showing no sign of slowing down, so the need for social distancing remains. This could lead to even more success for the online gambling industry in the coming months within Delaware.

Rebecca Kont
Rebecca Kont

Rebecca lives in Las Vegas and after completing her degree at Reynolds Journalism school joined the USGS team to pursue her journalism dreams.