Online Poker Bills Failing Across United States

2024 was looking like it would be a big year for online poker industry as several states were hoping to legalize. That hasn’t been the case up to this point, and a majority of states have already seen some potential bills die. 

There are still some states that are working hard to get a new bill pushed through, but time is running out for many lawmakers to get that done. The threat of stealing jobs from in-person casinos has been one big opponent, and so too is the impact of problem gambling. 

Most states were simply looking to get online casino gaming passed, but online poker sites would have been a part of that legislation. Here is a look at some of the most recent attempts and why those bills failed. 

Illinois Still Working

The state of Illinois has become one of the biggest online sports betting markets, and that has lawmakers looking to cash in even more. Since Illinois came out of nowhere to be one of the leaders in sports betting, lawmakers are trying to allow those operators to add new forms of gaming. 

All of the bills still on the table in Illinois were actually started all the way back in 2023, and it has just taken lawmakers a long time to get through them. This attempt is now under the umbrella of the “Internet Gaming Act,” and it could create a massive new industry. 

Things are going to have to start progressing soon as this bill will have to be ready for a third time by May 3rd. There are some opponents that are pushing hard against this collection of bills, but there is still a chance that something will get pushed through. 

New York Lawmakers Fail

New York was considered to be one of the most logical states to legalize more forms of iGaming after seeing how successful the online sports betting market has become. There were some big debates throughout the state of New York, and a lot of the arguments are tied to the potential of a new commercial casino coming to the state. 

This is not going to be a debate that goes away, and it does seem likely that the state will eventually pass a new iGaming law at some point. New York would easily become one of the leaders in this industry as well, but it’s going to take some work to convince others in the state. 

Other States See Quick Defeat

Iowa and Wyoming were two states that explored the idea of online poker in 2024, but each states had very similar results. Wyoming lawmakers had no luck at all when trying to pursue a new iGaming bill as it was shut down right away. 

Iowa lawmakers never even really gave the bill much thought and that kept things from progressing at all. There is still a bill on the table moving forward, and a chance that something can get done in 2025.


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