Online Poker Traffic in NV and NJ Surges as WSOP 2023 Shatters Records

The pooled WSOP network, covering Nevada and New Jersey, has witnessed a remarkable surge in cash game traffic due to the large number of players participating in the WSOP 2023 live series. WSOP has a player pool consisting of New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware. The pool has been growing, with cash game seats doubling.

Usually, cash game seats hit 200 on average. But, with the ongoing WSOP 2023 live series, this number has hit 400.

GameIntel has released data on the Poker Industry PRO platform showing that the WSOP network is about to hit its all-time high of 434 players. The data shows that the network is hosting an average of 431 players, three players short of the highest peak.

Most online poker rooms experience a slow season during summer. However, this is not the case with the WSOP US network. The poker room becomes a light to moths, as most players look forward to a poker festival that lasts two months.

Recording Breaking Participating at WSOP 2023

Five weeks ago, the 54th annual World Series of Poker commenced. It has been a success because the event has attracted an incredible level of participation. Yet, this is not all that the event's organizers plan to do.

For instance, the organizers are doing everything possible to ensure the WSOP 2023 Main Event is bigger and better than previous events. These efforts have paid off, as seen by the increase in the number of participating players. Ideally, most events have broken attendance records of last year with 15 percent to 20 percent.

WSOP 2023 schedule featured 95 live bracelet events. Of these, 75 events have concluded, bringing the prize pool to over $250,000,000. If the remaining events follow the same trend, WSOP 2023 total prize pool may hit $400,000,000.

The WSOP 2023 festival features a buy-in of $10,000. The organizers hope to exceed the 2006 record, which saw 8,773 entrants. In fact, the operator hopes to record 10k entrants.

The highlight event has four Day 1s, with three already concluded. These attracted slightly over 5000 players, a 30 percent increase from last year. Meanwhile, the Main Event has also attracted 1,500 more entries than last year.

WSOP NJ, WSOP NV Traffic Doubles

Capitalizing on the influx of poker players arriving in Las Vegas, the shared WSOP US/888 network has strategically leveraged its dominant position in Vegas. One of the strategies the network has implemented is offering enticing features. For example, there are daily satellites, reload bonuses, Online Championships Series, Online Circuit Series, online bracelets, 112 Sear Sprint campaign, and free rolls.

This has led to increased traffic on the WSOP NJ/NV platform, with WSOP taking the top position in the online poker market in North America.

Online bracelets are only available to players in Nevada and New Jersey.

These have attracted a significant number of players, some events surpassing prize pools of $1,000,000. With a few weeks until the end of WSOP 2023, it is possible for the network to see further growth.


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