Owner Of King’s Resort Wins $1.5 Million Jackpot While Playing Slots

Luck works in mysterious ways. Sometimes, people are unlucky their whole life. On the other hand, the lucky ones get even luckier from time to time.

Such is the case of Leon Tsoukernik, the owner of King’s Resort, who recently won a jackpot in a slot. His wealth was further increased by “mere” $1.5 million.

Being an avid poker player, Tsoukernik took part in the CAPT Seefeld High Roller, where he failed to make it to the payment list. Nevertheless, it seems that he did not run out of luck.

In fact, luck arrived, but a bit too late for the poker tournament. Instead, it arrived just in time for Tsoukernik’s slot adventure, landing him a lucrative jackpot of $1.5 million.

The entrepreneur from the Czech Republic has been in the world of poker for quite a while. He has been traveling around the globe, taking part in various poker tournaments, and is not new to CAPT.

In fact, he has some really good memories of CAPT, as his first-ever live cash was recorded in this place. Back in 2011, Tsoukernik managed to end a runner-up in the CAPT Innsbruck Main Event, when he successfully won €33,020.

Yet, winning that amount is nothing when compared to the sums of money Tsokernik plays poker with nowadays, as he prefers playing high-roller events. When he doesn’t make any money on them, he apparently likes to lift his mood back up by playing slots.

That’s how he decided to give slot machines in Casino Seefeld a go after he busted in CAPT.

A high-roller is a high-roller, even when they play slot machines. Therefore, Tsoukernik did not waste his time spinning the reels with small amounts. Instead, he bet approximately €1,000 per spin.

Being brave sometimes pays off, and it seems that Tsoukernik’s mood was definitely back up.

Were The Slots Rigged?

Casino Seefeld is a very respectable casino, with a lot of people visiting it on a daily basis and playing slots. Therefore, it’s almost impossible that they rigged slots to pay Tsoukernik.

On the other hand, Tsoukernik has been in poker for a very long time and enjoys the respect of both other poker players and tournament organizers. Therefore, it’s hard to believe that he had something to do with that too.

What’s left is to simply trust every side and accept the fact that Tsoukernik had a lot of luck at the time he played the slot.

Who Is Tsoukernik?

As previously stated, Tsoukernik is a very popular entrepreneur from the Czech republic. Apart from being a casino owner and an art collector, he also enjoys playing poker.

Born in 1973, he is currently 46 and is one of the most successful people in his country. Tsoukernik is also the CEO of Vestar Group and was CEO of King’s Casino as well.

He is married to Sandra Tsoukernik, and the two of them live near King’s Casino in the city of Rozvadov, which is part of the Western Bohemia region in Czechia.

According to his Hendon Mob page, the biggest cash he managed to win by playing poker is $1.8 million in a 2017 Super High Roller Bowl’s $300,000 No-Limit Hold ’em.

His second-biggest cash ever is $1.23 million in 2019 WSOPE, when he topped the €100,000 No-Limit Hold ’em Short Deck – King’s Super High Roller. In other words, his slot jackpot win is his second-biggest cash ever!


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