Pablo Silva Wins $260,765 in GGPoker Super MILLION$

Pablo Silva was the stack leader on the $10,300 Super MILLION$ final day. He won the title and $260,765 after two and a half hours of intense play. The champion had advanced to seven other final tables but failed to win the titles.

The Final Table's Results

  1. Pablo Silva from Brazil – $260,765
  2. Nick Maimone from Canada – $203,647
  3. Rodrigo Sirichuk from Brazil – $159,040
  4. Patrick "chrisbenoit" Brooks from Mexico – $124,203
  5. Jans Arends from Austria – $96,997
  6. Daniel Dvoress from Austria – $75,751
  7. Volodymyr "Leonardo23" Palamar from Ukraine – $59,158
  8. Pedro Garagnani from Brazil – $46,200
  9. Mehdi "Carence en L" Chaoui from Morocco – $36,080

Action on the Final Table

Rodrigo Sirichuk had a large double-up on the final table's first hand. Daniel Dvoress acted fast from the small blind by staking 16.6 big blinds in an open-shove using king-five of diamonds.

Sirichuk used ace-queen to call, and placed an ace on the flop before fading a flush draw to increase his stack.

Mehdi "Carence en L" Chaoui lost his stack at the table first. Sirichuk made a 70,000 min-raise from the cutoff and called Chaoui's three-bet all-in. The latter made it using ace-trey of hearts, and the former flipped a dominating ace-king that held after a king on the flop.

Pedro Garagnani followed Chaoui after open-shoving for over 6.5 big blinds using pocket three in a hole from an early position. Dvoress used king-queen to look him up from a small blind. He flopped two pair that reduced Garagnani's count by one.

Volodymyr "Leonardo23" Palamar exited the event in seventh place after losing most of his big blinds when Jans Arends' jack-ten beat his ace-king. The latter turned trip jacks, and the former's remaining stack got into the middle position with ace-nine that lost to Nick Maimone's jack-six after he got a Broadway straight from the river.

Silva's Journey to Victory

Dvoress finished sixth after shipping 15.5 big blinds using king-ten from the button. Sirichuk used a dominating ace-ten to get over the top, and an ace on the flop sent Dvoress packing.

Arends followed him in fifth place after calling from a big blind when Sirichuk made a 120,000 min-raise under the gun. Six-four-seven appeared on the flop as Arends checked, and Sirichuk wagered 78,000. The former made 674,688 jam.

Sirichuk revealed pocket jacks and called as Arends' jack-seven crushed, thus eliminating him. Patrick "chrisbenoit" Brooks got the first five-figure cash prize despite being the table's short stack for a long while.

Brooks ripped the last 11 big blinds using jack-eight suited from a small blind, but Maimone used jack-ten suited to call. A ten on the turn eliminated Brooks.

Sirichuk's elimination in third place set heads-up action between Silva and Maimone. He shocked many people since he had the most chips among the three remaining finalists.

Sirichuk and Silva clashed several times in the three-handed play. Yet, Silva sent Sirichuk to the rail.

He used king-queen to shove from a small blind while Sirichuk used ace-queen of clubs to call off 24 big blinds. The latter was most poker enthusiasts' favorite during the turn as he held a flush draw and two overcards.

Silva led Maimone by almost 3:1 when their heads-up battle began. The latter failed to reduce the gap despite the former not making an effort to widen it.

Maimone made a 240,00 min-raise on the button, and Silva went all in with a three-bet. The former called off his remaining 2,262,657 chips and got a king-ten of spades while the latter had pocket sevens. The river and turn favored Silva after two spades appeared on the flop, thus making Maimone finish as a runner-up with $203,647.


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