Paranormal: Mind Reading Magic Is One of the Weirdest Shows in LV

Las Vegas is often home to some of the greatest magicians in the world, and people love visiting the Entertainment Capital of the World to witness some mind-bending magic. David Copperfield, Penn & Teller, Cris Angel, and many others created real miracles.

They are all great performers and true artists, and one of the latest attractions in the city was inspired by all of them, creating an ultimate show where he showcases his mentalism skills.

In short, mentalism is a sort of genre in magic where practitioners often display their amazing mental capabilities. Some can use their heads to move things around; others can control the minds of others. Frederic Da Silva can read minds!

The show takes place at the Windows at Bally’s Las Vegas, and it has been quite popular for some time now, as Da Silva became a regular at the resort, hosting shows every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday at 4 pm. The shows usually last approximately 75 minutes, and tickets start from $28.

Paranormal: Mind Reading Magic is a family-friendly show, as the only restriction regarding age is that kids must be six or older in order to witness Da Silva’s amazing capabilities.

What can we say about the show and not spoil it? If you are fascinated by magic, and you enjoy watching magicians perform live, this is definitely something you should consider visiting once you are in Vegas. Da Silva will enter your mind and play with it, and no matter how skeptical you are about magic, he will make you believe that it is possible to use our minds to do amazing things with other people and the world around us.

Get ready to experience some astonishing mind-reading techniques, and face some great mysteries of our age, such as hypnosis and magic unveiled in front of your eyes.

Who is Frederic Da Silva?

Da Silva started his career as a magician and a mentalist on European television, where he gained huge recognition and became one of the best practitioners of this art in Europe. In fact, he was voted the Best Mentalist in Europe, and he decided to bring some of his magic to America, finding his home in the city of Las Vegas, which is always hungry for more interesting and intriguing magic.

What are some things that Da Silva can do with his power? He can start with some basic things which many magicians use as a part of their show — predicting what you may have in your pocket. However, his skills get weirder once he asks you to visualize an exact time and stops a watch exactly at that time.

Ultimately, Da Silva can guess what someone is thinking about by entering their minds. Some might call it a superpower; others just deem it an illusion. One thing is certain — Da Silva will make you rethink your notion of magic and mentalism and make you go “wow!” with every magic trick he does.

The thing with the best magicians and mentalists in the world is that they will never reveal how they do some of their tricks. Therefore, you will never know whether Da Silva’s performance is an illusion or some sort of paranormal activity.

Even the skeptical parents who bring their kids to this show end up enjoying it themselves and being mesmerized by the mental powers of Da Silva.

Therefore, if you happen to be in Vegas, make sure to drop by and experience the best mentalism performance in your life.


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