PartyPoker Awards Lukas Robinson $13,731 in the $100,000 Sunday Party

PartyPoker held the $100,000 Guaranteed Sunday Party on September 4, and Lukas Robinson won, taking home the $13,731 top prize. The event featured 1,026 poker players, but only 16 of them remained late in Day 1.

Robinson was third on the leaderboard early on Day 2. But he collected more chips to get the lead when the remaining finalists set an eight-handed final table.

The Table’s Payouts

  1. Lukas “Robin Poker” Robinson- a $13,731 total prize;$7,654 bounties and a $6,077 prize
  2. antiZZZZ- a $8,708 total prize;$2,642 bounties and a $6,066 prize
  3. Charly Error-a $5,027 total prize;$1,007 bounties and a $4,020 prize
  4. Joker_James95- a $3,878 total prize;$1,269 bounties and a $2,609 prize
  5. perservero77- a $2,350 total prize;$567 bounties and a $1,783 prize
  6. ASAP JARDA-a $2,328 total prize;$952 bounties and a $1,376 prize
  7. Phaelzin- a $2,340 total prize;$1,236 bounties and a $1,014 prize
  8. Jaime “jaimestaples” Staples- a $1,404 total prize;$596 bounties and a $808 prize

The Final Day’s Action Highlights

Xlfnd used pocket jacks to put their chips in from the small blind but lost to antiZZZZ’s pocket queen. The former finished ninth and set an eight-handed final table. Jaime Staples from Team PartyPoker was the first finalist to leave the table.

Robinson used pocket sevens under the gun to make a 600,000 min-raise and Staples used ace-jack of clubs to call the cutoff. The flop revealed two clubs with seven-five-queen prompting the duo to check.

Eight of cubs landed on the turn and Robinson placed a 1,200,000 wager in the 4,350,000 pot that Staples called. Still, a five landed on the river helping Robinson improve to a full house. He rested for a while and later placed a 3,000,000 bet.

The player’s move prompted Staples to make a 10,167,932 jam. Robinson made a fast snap-call and won the 24.6 million pot. Staples lost some chips to Robinson whose stack increased to over 2.5 times more than his opponent’s chips.

Phaelzin used pocket jacks to make a 39 big blinds raise-shove and Robinson held pocket aces that dominated and extended his stack lead. ASAP JARDA, perservero, Joker_James95 and Charly Error exited the event in sixth, fifth, fourth and third place, respectively.

Error’s elimination kicked off a tough match between antiZZZZ and Robinson who had a 90:77 big blinds lead. Robinson dominated the early confrontations and gradually increased his chip lead.

antiZZZZ’s hope of winning the title started reducing when Robinson used pocket kings to wake up in the tournament’s final hand. The latter made a cowboys limp and the former checked.

A flop revealed seven-six-eight prompting antiZZZZ to check call a 1.2 big blind wager. Yet, a seven flop made them check-call a three big blind wager.

A king landed on the river and completed the diamond flush that earned Robinson the full house. Still, antiZZZZ checked as Robinson wagered a half pot. They snap called antiZZZZ’s 16 big blind shade and sent them packing as a runner-up with $8,708.


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