partypoker Names Funny Man Hart As Global Ambassador

Kevin Hart, the 40-year-old comedian and actor, has been named the Global Ambassador of the online poker room Hart said he will try to exhibit that this type of poker is all about “personal enjoyment.”

The announcement was made by partypoker on Tuesday, as the coronavirus continues to take its toll on the world.

Hart said he’s very excited to be representing the company once online poker starts up again.

Rob Young, the partner and owner of Dusk Till Dawn poker club, is also a part-owner of partypoker, made the official announcement of Hart joining the company. Young said he’s thrilled to have a partnership with Hart, calling him the “Global Ambassador” of the largest online poker room in the world.

Young said, “This will be a very good opportunity to explain the merits of amateur poker to the masses by way of Hart and his influence.”

In an official press video release, Hart said, “I’m here to party, I’m here to make it a good time. Expect the world of poker to get a lot more fun. Expect it to get real.”

Hart also said that it will be much easier to follow along and fun and not so technical.

Not Hart’s First Experience

In 2017 the Hollywood A-lister represented a rival online poker room, PokerStars. The giant poker room has been in constant competition with partypoker. Hart worked with the company for a year, before a rumor surfaced that he had a falling out with them.

At the time that Hart signed with the company as a spokesperson, that was the objective with them too: To make the game more relatable to new amateur poker players and not dwell so much on the money, but on the fun of the game.

He even had a relatively similar pitch, that he would bring a new energy to the game, make it fun and easy to follow along, a great party. Well, the party obviously ended in 2018, and Hart now has a new gig with partypoker.

Another interesting bit of detail is that Rob Young and Hart have been close friends for decades. Hart is no stranger to the game of poker, whether it’s online or in a card room or casino.

He has been seen at various locations during different periods of time playing poker. Some sources on films that Hart has starred in say the actor always finds a game of poker to play when he’s not filming.

Hart Has More Than $50,000 In Winnings

The last documented win at poker for Hart was in 2010 when he won close to $50,000 playing in poker games. He says that he plays all the time when he’s home and on location, but he doesn’t always play for money.

The actor said, “I just love the game, it’s not about money, I really enjoy poker, so this is going to be a great partnership.”

In 2019 Hart made headlines when he lost a lot of money in a boxing match to professional poker player Antonio Esfandiari. The professional poker star has earned close to $30 million in poker tournaments.

Hart taunted Esfandiari and said there is no way that Esfandiari could beat him. Hart was favored to win, even Esfandiari said at the time, “I don’t think I can win; I’m no boxer.”

He surprised everyone when the two had a three-round match, with each round lasting three minutes. The poker player won by the decision of three judges.

The amount of the loss for Hart has never publicly been revealed, but it was in the high six figures, a source at the time said.


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