PartyPoker’s Daily Legends Events’ Popularity Increases in the Country

PartyPoker stunned many people when it created a Daily Legends banner constituting many multi-table events (MTTs). The company limited unlimited re-entries and reduced the tournaments’ late registration periods, unlike other online poker operators.

What Prompted the Company to Form Daily Legends?

PartyPoker collected feedback from its clients and analyzed it before creating Daily Legends events. Its management discovered that players wanted a fair playing field when they competed in various events and wanted structures that didn’t convert the tournaments into games of craps.

Still, the events wouldn’t extend to the next morning. This prompted PartyPoker to add three main elements to the Daily Legends.

The New Late Registration Window

Certain online poker companies offer more than two hours for late registration. This is logic in prestigious poker festivals but unsuitable for ordinary events.

Extended registration periods often discourage some players as they make them play for a long time before reaching the money brackets. Besides, other individuals are fond of making late buy-ins in tournaments and buying time before moving cards until they enter the money bracket. Most of the Daily Legends events sign up players for ten or fewer levels thus avoiding players who use the late buy-in strategy.

Daily Legends’ Re-Entries

Online poker events have transformed over the years. Operators created freezeouts in the past before turning them into rebuy and add-on events and eventually re-entries.

Multiple re-entries per entrant help poker operators offer bigger guarantees. Yet, unlimited re-entries aren’t ideal for any game. MTTs with many or unlimited re-entries offer gamers with huge bankrolls an advantage.

They allow them to play as late registration continues and buy in if they bust or fail to increase their chips. However, busting an opponent and witnessing them buy back in during the registration period is frustrating.

All PartyPoker events prohibit unlimited re-entries. Instead, most of them allow one re-entry. But some tournaments let players make two or three re-entries.

The operator formed a level playing field by denying high-stakers an advantage over other players. However, its tournaments’ guarantees are smaller than those of other poker providers.

The Tournaments’ Structures

Creating a blind structure for a poker event isn’t a piece of cake. The blind tends to increase if the structure is too deep hence extending the tournament’s duration. Nevertheless, shallow structures with huge margins between levels often influence players to put their stacks in at advanced levels.

PartyPoker’s team has spent a lot of time forming structures that have an ideal depth and event duration. They set a unique structure for Daily Legends that allows players to play throughout and windup on time.

Poker pros tend to play up to 4;00 a.m. the following morning since they don’t work. But, recreational players need to get sufficient sleep before preparing to start the next day’s work. This makes Daily Legends suitable for recreational and professional players.


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