Patrice Brandt Wins $79,828 in the PokerStars Sunday Million Event

Patrice "pAtcAsh83" Brandt hasn't taken part in the ongoing 2023 World Series of Poker (WSOP). But, he entertained his fans when he led a 9,114-entry field in the recent PokerStars Sunday Million to win a $79,828 total prize. Rumors claim that the player will travel to Las Vegas to compete in the $10,000 Main Event.

The Tournament's Top Prizes

  1. Patrice "pAtcAsh83" Brandt from the United Kingdom-a $79,828 total prize; $20,611 bounties and a $59,217 prize
  2. Pablos701 from Brazil-a $65,534 total prize; $6,322 bounties and a $59,212 prize
  3. kj631 from Ukraine- a $47,157 total prize; $3,353 bounties and a $43,804 prize
  4. LLEVENOMA from Argentina- a $34,910 total prize; $4,844 bounties and a $30,066 prize
  5. ratajpoker from Poland-a $26,166 total prize; $5,041 bounties and a $21,125 prize
  6. ukr46 from Romania- a $18,661 total prize; $4,222 bounties and a $14,439 prize
  7. Felipe "lipe piv" Bojanovsky from Brazil- a $12,423 total prize; $2,247 bounties and a $10,176 prize
  8. sunnym4nn from Germany-a $11,923 total prize; $4,700 bounties and a $7,223 prize
  9. Isaev Vlad from Mexico-a $6,014 total prize; $873 bounties and a $5,141 prize

How Things Unfolded at the Final Table

Isaev Vlad was the first player to leave the table. His run ended in ninth place after calling in when ukr46 used ace-six of hearts to make a 5,500,000 raise from under the gun. ratajpoker used a king-queen of diamonds to make a small blind call.

The two players checked the turn and flop before ukr46 landed a seven-high straight on the river.sunnym4nn followed Vlad in eighth place.

He used king-queen clubs to make a 24-effective big blinds four-bet jam, but kj631 used aces to wake up. They dominated and ended sunnym4nn's run.

kj631 held pocket rockets when they clashed with sunnym4nn's king-queen of hearts in the next hand. The former used pocket jacks to reshove, and the latter got a set of queens from the board.

Bojanovsky finished seventh after using queen-nine of clubs to call when LLEVENOMA used pocket jacks to open. Jacks dominated and busted Bojanovsky after Pablos701 made a big blind call. The latter made a continuation-bet fold.

The five community cards sent ukr46 packing in sixth place.LLEVENOMA busted ratajpoker in fifth place.

The former used pocket kings to call, and the latter used ace-trey of hearts to make an 11 big blind open-shove. Yet, LLEVENOMA finished fourth after Brandt's pocket sevens beat them in a coin flip.

kj631 finished third after making a 53,037,626 jam when Brandt checked as an offsuit jack landed on the board. Brandt had a 382,240,738:73,459,262 stack lead over Pablos701 when their battle began.

The latter made a 145,027,724 overbet jam, and the former, Pablos701 finished second with $65,534.


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