Paulius Vaitiekunas, Christoph Vogelsang and Jessica Teusl Win Titles at Different 2023 WSOP Online Events

GPoker is still awarding players in the ongoing 2023 WSOP Online festival. The following are highlights of the latest poker tournaments.

Lithuania Wins its Fifth Gold Bracelet Courtesy of Paulius Vaitiekunas

Event No.4: $840 Bounty Pot-Limit Omaha attracted 706 entrants, and it had a $564,800 prize pool. Paulius Vaitiekunas was the last player seated at the table after beating all his opponents to bag the $81,848 total prize and a bracelet.

The champion collected $56,953 bounties. Several skilled players who competed in the tournament but missed a seat at the final table included Dario Sammartino, David Peters, and Felipe Ramos.

The Tournament's Top Prizes

  1. Paulius "redpillgame" Vaitiekunas from Lithuania- a $81,848 total prize; $56,953 bounties and a $24,895 prize
  2. "The Harvester" from Mexico- a $47,842 total prize; $23,003 bounties and a $24,839 prize
  3. Dante Goya from Brazil- a $24,946 total prize; $5,138 bounties and a $19,808 prize
  4. "TUL!" from Finland- a $22,948 total prize; $7,169 bounties and a $15,779 prize
  5. "big pot boy" from Finland- a $20,044 total prize; $7,475 bounties and a $12,569 prize
  6. "y Frankfurt" from Israel- a $12,500 total prize; $2,488 bounties and a $10,012 prize
  7. Bernado "GGeKKo" Dias from Brazil- a $12,050 total prize; $4,075 bounties and a $7,975 prize
  8. "Riki_top" from Russia- a $7,403 total prize; $1,050 bounties and a $6,353 prize
  9. "The Prestige" from China-a $7,586 total prize; $2,525 bounties and a $5,061 prize

The $1,500 MONSTER STACK No-Limit Hold 'em Earns "EEewashu99" $231,821

Event No.6: $1,500 MONSTER STACK No-Limit Hold 'em featured 1,207 entrants and had a $1,719,975 prize pool. "EEewashu99" entertained his rail when they bagged the title after beating Hristo "icho" Anastassov in the final hand.

Some of the final table qualifiers included Christoph Vogeslang and Shannon Shorr. What Did the Leading Nine Finalists Take Home?

  1. “EEewashu99” from Austria-$231,821
  2. Hristo “icho” Anastassob from Austria-$173,841
  3. "Moose is Loose" from Cyprus-$130,362
  4. Guilherme Carmo from Brazil-$97,758
  5. Christoph Vogeslang from Germany-$73,308
  6. Vitalis “chegochego” Zavorotnijs from Austria-$54,973
  7. “fer_90_1” from Ecuador-$41,224
  8. “GodsofMongols” from Austria-$30,914
  9. Shannon Shorr from the United States-$23,182

Xinwen Zhang Leads the Ladies No-Limit Hold 'em Championship Leaderboard

Event No.5: 5 500$500 Ladies No-Limit Hold 'em Championship's first stage ended recently.

The tournament attracted 167 players who formed a $79,325 at the end of Day 1's registration. However, its money bubble burst with only 27 players left, each eyeing the $16,613 top prize.

The Event's Top Chips

  1. Xinwen Zhang from China-288,046 chips
  2. Tatiana Rangel from Brazil-255,728 chips
  3. Zhanna Hodovanets from Poland-247,248 chips
  4. Carla Di Marco from Argentina-238,515 chips
  5. Julia Bondarovich from Russia-219,850 chips
  6. Jessica Teusl from Austria-206,457 chips
  7. Maria Korableva from Russia-202,348 chips
  8. Jessica Pilkington from the United Kingdom-186,517 chips
  9. Ann-Roos Callens from Belgium-184,200 chips
  10. Mary Dvorkin from Israel-154,910 chips


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