Pavel Plesuv Is the Current GGPoker Super MILLION$ Leader

This week's GGPoker Super MILLION$ edition attracted 179 players. But, only nine entrants are still competing for the $363,836 first-place prize, and the final table might be one-sided.

Pavel "EzzzGame" Plesuv is leading at the chips standings with 6,746,094 chips, equal to 169 big blinds. His stack is almost twice that of his closest opponent.

The Final Table's Chip Counts

  1. Pavel "EzzzGame" Plesuv from Moldova – 6,746,094 chips or 169 nig blinds
  2. Zombie Chow from Montenegro – 2,882,046 chips or 72 big blinds
  3. Barak Wisbrod from Israel – 1,748,254 chips or 44 big blinds
  4. Rodrigo Sirichuk from Brazil – 1,557,987 chips or 39 big blinds
  5. Alex "FutureofMe" Kulev from Ireland – 1,375,850 chips or 34 big blinds
  6. Juan Dominguez from Andorra – 1,123,103 chips or 28 big blinds
  7. WOOLOOLOO from UAE – 1,037,786 chips or 26 big blinds
  8. Benjamin Rolle from Austria – 725,180 chips or 18 big blinds
  9. Justin Bonomo from Canada – 685,700 chips or 17 big blinds

Plesuv has had several tough moments in the Super MILLION$. Besides, it will be his first cash and last appearance in the GGPoker weekly tournament. Yet, the player has an advantage over his opponents when the action commences.

The poker pro sold 33 percent of his action using the in-built staking software, and Christian Rudolph bagged 32.3 percent of his action. Rudolph will win over $100,000 once Plesuv wins the tournament.

Zombie Chow has 2,882,046 when he resumes playing. He was in eighth place in the mid-August Super MILLION$ and received $45,430. Even so, Chow will win $51,876 in case he finishes ninth.

Barak Wisbrod is third in the chip counts, with 1,748,254 chips. The Hendon Mob indicates that he has won over $1.8 million in GGPoker events, and his $92,795 victory in the August 9 Super MILLION$ greatly increased his earnings.

Rodrigo Sirichuk took five weeks to reach fourth place in the Super MILLION$ final table with 1,557,987 chips. A fourth or better finish will increase his GGPoker winnings to $2 million.

Alex "FutureofMe" Kulev recently won $538,138 in the November 2 Super MILLION$ and is determined to bag another title. But, he has a tough task ahead since he is facing tough opponents.

Juan Dominguez has been among the top four players at the Super MILLION$ many times, but he hasn't won the title yet. He won $194,824 in the August 9 Super MILLION$ after finishing third. Also, he recently surpassed $11 million in GGPoker earnings.

"WOOLOOLOO" is among the infamous players at the final table. He had 1,037,786 chips at the end of Day 1 in this week's tournament. Still, a first or second-place finish will double his GGPoker winnings.

Benjamin Rolle has cashed several times at the Super MILLION$. He has finished second several times and won the title early this year. The player can use his 725,180 chips to bag the title if the odds will favor him.

Justin Bonomo is at the bottom of the chip counts with 685,700 chips. He won the title in Season 1 and only reached four final tables since then. But his low starting position won't discourage him from trying his luck.

Final Table Payouts

  • 1st player – $363,836
  • 2nd player – $285,278
  • 3rd player – $223,682
  • 4th player – $175,385
  • 5th player – $137,517
  • 6th player – $107,825
  • 7th player – $84,544
  • 8th player – $66,289
  • 9th player – $51,976


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