Pe Kyaw Bags $90,330 After Winning the RunGood Poker Series Graton $800 Main Event

The RunGood Poker Series (RGPS) Graton $800 Main Event had a huge turnout as 1,043 entrants formed a $730,100 prize pool. Its starting flight reduced the field to 131 players late on Day 1 each of them taking home at least $1,175. Some of the players who didn't reach the final table included Papa Karn, Jacob Long, Josh Prager, CodyStanford, and Rob "Boston Rob" Mariano.

What the Top Players Took Home

  1. Pe Kyaw-$90,330
  2. Daniel Lowery-$88,870
  3. Taylor Pollard-$84,835
  4. David Bellacose-$41,195
  5. Don Vo-$31,255
  6. Mitchell Collins-$25,365
  7. James Cavanaugh-$20,970
  8. Jason Castro-$16,640
  9. Noel Rodriguez-$12,420

How Things Unfolded on The Final Day

Noel Rodriguez was the stack leader on the last day. Even so, he advanced to the final tables with the smallest stack after his ace-king lost to Pe Kyaw's king jack when two tables remained. Rodriguez used jack-ten suited to put his last five big blinds before David Bellacose used king-queen offsuit to call him.

The two players made a pair flop. But, Bellacose's pair of queens dominated and Rodgriguez exited the tournament in the ninth position.

Jason Castro followed him in eighth place after making 12 big blinds call with ace-jack when Taylor Pollard made a button all-in move using ace-queen. The former didn't get a jack and he left the table.

James Cavanaugh doubled up an hour after the final table's action kicked off. His ace jack beat Mitchell Collins' king-queen. But, Pollard's aces later beat his pocket jacks.

The board didn't help Cavanaugh and his run ended in seventh place after winning a crucial hand from Collins. The latter used ace-nine offsuit to put his last chips from early position before Pollard used king-jack offsuit to call him. Yet, the flop revealed king high and she sent Collins packing in the sixth position.

Don Vo finished fifth with $31,255 after being the table's short stack for a long period. He used ace-nine offsuit to wager his remaining chips but Pollard used ace-jack offsuit to call him. Unfortunately, the board ran out without helping Vo.

Pe Kyaw won two vital hands from David Bellacose despite him reaching the final table with a huge stack. The latter's pocket nines lost to the former's ace-three. Still, Bellacose's pocket jacks lost to Kyaw's pocket three in preflop after they put their stack in.

The flop revealed a three and didn't help Bellacose thus sending him packing in the fourth position with $41,195. Pollard finished third after a tough three-handed battle with Kyaw and Lowery. The three entrants made an ICM chop which earned Pollard $90,330, Lowery $88,870, and Kyaw $90,330.

Kyaw, a California resident was lucky throughout the final day as he doubled up through David Bellacose and Noel Rodriguez. The Hendon Mob reports that he held $ 762 in lifetime poker cashes before his recent victory. Besides, he later admitted that the tournament was competitive and he was keen while making each move.


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