Pengfei Wang Wins His First WSOP Gold Bracelet and $270,700 in Event No.49: $1,500 Super Turbo Bounty

Horseshoe and Paris Las Vegas hosted the 2023 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Event No.49: $1500 Super Turbo Bounty for two days. It attracted 2,226 entrants who formed a $1,858,710 prize pool. Pengfei Wang won the tournament taking home his first WSOP bracelet and $270,700.

The player stunned his rails since this was his first major tournament. He stated after winning that he was excited since he occasionally plays private casino games for fun and lacks experience in poker tournaments.

What The Top Players Took Home

  1. Pengfei Wang from the U.S.-$270,700
  2. Will Linden from the U.S.-$167,339
  3. Chen An Lin from Taiwan-$123,198
  4. Kenneth Maurer from the U.S.-$91,558
  5. Michael Burns from the U.S.-$68,693
  6. Tony Gargano from the U.S.-$52,034
  7. Alejandro Lococo from Argentina-$39,799
  8. Danny Scott from the U.S.-$30,760
  9. Frank Lagodich from the U.S.-$23,978

How Things Unfolded on Day 2

Day 2's average stack comprised 20 big blinds and all its levels lasted for 20 minutes. It had fast-paced action since when players settled.

Kenneth Maurer doubled up fast before Michael Burns ended Frank Lagodich's run in ninth place. Chen An Lin busted Danny Scott in the eighth position after several minutes. Yet, Wang collected some of Scott's chips.

Wang used ace-king to double up Lin and lasted an ace on the river. The latter didn't give up as he eventually won a vital hand. Lin used pocket jacks to double through Alejandro Lococo's kings.

Unfortunately, a jack in the window after the flop eliminated Lococo in seventh place. He doubled up before exiting the event but Wang killed his dream to win the bracelet.

Tony Gargano doubled up Lin and helped him recover his stack. Linden got the chip lead after collecting Burn's stack and eliminating him in the fifth position.

Maurer made a costly mistake when Wang dominated his lower kicker and took his chips. So, the former left the table in fourth position. Still, Wang doubled Linden when his pocket nines beat his opponent's pocket eights to earn him the chip lead.

Even so, Wang didn't maintain his stack position for long as Linden made an unprecedented move that earned him the lead. He used pocket aces to send Lin packing in the third position with $123,198.

Lin's exit set up a tough battle of the blinds between Wang and Linden. Wang used pocket eights to shove and almost ended the table. But, Linden had suited king-jack that landed two eights on the board and Wang got quads that helped him double up his opponent.

Wang made an unsuccessful bluff that put him in a tricky spot before he started collecting more chips. Linden used flush draws and an open-ended straight to shove on a turn and Wang used a straight draw to call. The latter's card dominated in the tournament's final hand and busted Linden in second place with $167,339.


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