Penn National Gaming Against Gaming Expansion

The state of Pennsylvania has been exploring the idea of expanding its gaming industry, but they have a major company that is opposed to this idea. Penn National Gaming has publicly expressed their opposition to this idea, and they are starting a major campaign to try and convince lawmakers to vote this idea down.

State lawmakers are looking for new ways to bring in tax revenue for the state, and an expanded gaming bill is one of the ideas. Penn National Gaming has expressed that their company will lose money if this were to occur, but it’s an idea on the table with several lawmakers.

There are 12 brick and mortar casinos in the state of Pennsylvania, and all 12 of these locations were closed for nearly three months. Some of the casinos remain closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, and it’s unclear when the entire industry will reopen for business.

This closure has caused the state to lose millions of dollars in tax revenue, and lawmakers are busy proposing bills to expand gaming laws in the state. Some lawmakers are proposing video-game terminals should be legal in more locations throughout the state.

These video game terminals have been a point of controversy in Pennsylvania over the last few years, but they also bring in plenty of money to the state. Lawmakers are convinced that expanded gaming laws will attract new customers, bringing in plenty of new tax revenue to the state.

Penn National Gaming is one of the most important casino operators in the state, and they don’t want to lose out on any revenue due to these machines. They hold a lot of power in the state, and they appear ready to take on the lawmakers to keep the expanded gaming law shut down.

Penn National Continues Building Satellite Casino

Penn National Gaming is no stranger to challenging the state, and in 2018 they sued Pennsylvania over the building of a satellite casino. The company contended that the building of a satellite casino would cause financial harm to their Hollywood Casino in Grantville.

The lawsuit was eventually withdrawn after Penn National Gaming wound up winning a satellite auction to build a casino themselves. Penn National Gaming paid $50.1 million for the rights to build a satellite casino, and they chose a location in York County.

Hollywood Casino York is the official name of this new location, and the construction progress began in December. The project was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the company has not announced a completion date.

Skill Gaming Machines Still in Consideration

While the use of video gaming terminals has been the main topic of discussion in Pennsylvania, skill gaming machines are also drawing attention from some lawmakers. Lawmakers are exploring the idea of regulating skill gaming machines to bring in more revenue for the state.

Skill gaming machines are similar to slot machines, but they are not taxed or regulated by the state of Pennsylvania. These machines have started to pop up in various bars and restaurants throughout the state, and lawmakers are looking to bring in more revenue from these machines.

Lawmakers in support of an expanded gaming law are also keeping a close eye on these skill gaming machines, and want them to be included in any new legislation. Bars and restaurants can add these machines since there aren’t any laws, but the casino industry has been pushing hard to get these machines either shut down or regulated.


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