Pennsylvania Man Steals Credit Cards From Casino to Gamble Online

When most people gamble at a casino, be it online or in person, they use their own money. One Pennsylvania player decided it would be better to use a stolen credit card. Victor Manuel Mariera of Bethlehem is facing serious consequences after he used stolen credit cards to fund his online gameplay. He actually stole the credit cards from a land-based casino and then used them to play online.

Details of the Theft

A trooper assigned at the Wind Creek Casino located in Bethlehem received a theft report on April 7 that was provided by the security manager of the casino. The manager reported that the theft took place at 12:46 am that day.

A female using a wheelchair was taken to her vehicle by an unknown man. The individual allegedly stole her credit cards and other cards located inside her vehicle. Later on, it was determined that the individual who helped the victim to her car was Victor.

Not long after the theft, the victim realized her credit card had been used for $750 in online gambling charges. Surveillance footage from the casino showed the woman being escorted to her vehicle. A white bag can be seen on camera on the chair and Victor is looking through it before he puts the bag in his backpack and left the scene.

By 10:30 pm on April 7, Victor checked into a hotel room at the casino. Investors were able to connect him to the crime based on his player’s card at Wind Creek. In an interview with police, Victor admitted to taking the victim to her vehicle and then stealing the items. The victim asked Victor to take the white bag and throw the trash in it away and that is when he located the cards and stole them.

Victor then told police that he used one of the credit cards to wager online for two separate amounts. However, the transactions did not go through. He now faces charges for using the credit cards and will face the consequences in court on a later date.

Casino Security: Online and Offline

Today’s casinos must keep track of gaming activity both online and offline. For land-based casinos, the security camera setup is essential. With quality security footage, a casino can review footage during an incident such as identity theft or even robbery. In most cases, the footage helps police to determine the subject’s identity be it through facial recognition or with the help of outside witnesses.

With online gaming, casinos use verification processes to ensure the identity of an individual. Several methods of verification are needed based on your location to enjoy online casino gaming in the US. Casinos try to use all the techniques they can so that criminal behavior cannot take place.

With credit card usage, it is important that consumers use cards with reputable companies such as Chase or Capital One. Such card companies use several security measures to protect your finances including contacting you on suspicious charges.

Incidents like this one at the Wind Creek Casino are few and far between, but they do happen. Always be aware of your surroundings when at a casino and stay safe, as criminal incidents can occur when you least expect them.

Rebecca Kont
Rebecca Kont

Rebecca lives in Las Vegas and after completing her degree at Reynolds Journalism school joined the USGS team to pursue her journalism dreams.