Phil Galfond Offers an Update on His Match Against Dan Cates

Phil Galfond is one of the most renowned players in the poker industry. But he isn't outspoken like other pros. The player recently released a new Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO) course and offers updates on his challenge against Dan Cates.

PLO Heads-Up Battles Are Rare

ChrisIsLord recently battled it out with Galfond in a $50/$100 PLO. He used the "ZefaPoker" YouTube screen name and sold 37 percent of his initial $20,000 budget.

Galfond stated that it is tricky for him to get high-stakes PLO action and ChrisIsLord's challenge surprised him. He occasionally streams online World Series of Poker (WSOP) tournaments and opened a few cash tables. Yet, he is optimistic to get more cash game action.

Surprisingly, Galfond lost the match to ChrisIsLord who won $7,500. The former admitted that he gets excited in heads-up action and his recent loss disappointed him.

He added that he reached out to ChrisIsLord while streaming and his opponent contacted him on his stream chat. Galfond commended ChrisIsLord for his victory and was glad he lost to him rather than a poker pro.

The Galfond Challenge and Run It Once

Rush Street purchased Galfond's Run It Once (RIO) poker website in March. But the poker player retained a vital role. The site expressed its interest in the U.S. poker market but hasn't given an update on it.

Galfond stated that they issue updates when they have something to discuss. The site is still running and he enjoys his role. Besides, the pro is excited to venture into the American market and launch a product with Rush Street's support.

The Galfond Challenge has been dormant for a year after Brandon Adams conceded to Galfond. Dan "Jungleman" Cates is the next player who is likely to replace Adams. Yet, Galfond admitted that there has been little movement about the challenge.

He stated that he will face Jungleman soon and admitted that pinning him down won't be a piece of cake. Both of them will stream the duel.

Galfond is deliberating pushing for them to do it in pieces even though he initially wanted it to be in a week or two. It can be outside the country or on in Nevada.

He has been asking for challenges that he can play from Las Vegas. But they lasted longer than he wished as he played a few hands per day. Some of them were three-month tournaments and he is avoiding leaving his region since his son is in preschool.

Is Galfond Interested in a High Stakes Duel?

The pro would like to face Phil Hellmuth in PokerGO's High Stakes Duel. Even so, he didn't step up recently when PokerGO was taking volunteers for Las Vegas action.

High Stakes Duel's rules state that a player has to win three consecutive games before cashing out. So, Hellmuth can cash $1.6 million if he wins his next match.

Jason Koon will replace Seiver Scott but he lacks the cashing out privilege. Galfond wants to take three shots without throwing his hat in the ring officially because Koon is his close friend and he doesn't want to play against him soon.


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