Phil Hellmuth Is Set to Launch His Champions Club Texas

Phil Hellmuth, a poker legend, co-founded the Champions Club Texas several years ago. But, the poker room recently shifted to a new location, and Hellmuth is set for its grand opening.

The poker establishment will have six days of live-streamed and competitive high-stakes poker. Isaac Trumbo, Champions Club Texas' President, revealed that the tournaments will feature talented players like Dan "Jungleman" Cates, Johnnie "Vibes" Moreno, Justin Young, Shaun Deeb, and Hellmuth. It will open on April 29, but the grand opening celebrations will kick off on May 6.

Champions Club is located in the previous Hampton Inn Hotel that was upgraded to be a high-end poker room. Many poker clubs in Texas are in stand-alone buildings or strip malls. Only a few are linked to hotels, thus inconveniencing guests who love playing cards.

More Details About Hellmuth's Poker Room

Trumbo admitted that the room's previous location had limited access even though it was nice. He believes that the new site, which is in Asiatown District, offers players better access.

The poker room has an edge over its rivals since it is attached to a full-scale hotel hence suiting players from outside Texas. Trumbo termed it as being inviting and warm.

It has 20 tables and will offer cash games and tournaments. But, Champions Club might organize competitive poker series in the future after it starts offering daily poker events. Players can sample steak in the lounge and on-site restaurant.

Hellmuth Is Determined to Market Poker Room

Hellmuth and Dewey Tomko co-founded the Champions Club. The former is determined to promote the poker venue from 3:00 p.m. CT on May 12 in its live stream for a $100/$200 no-limit Hold'em event.

Deeb won the $5,000 buy-in event that The Lodge hosted on Thursday in Austin. They will travel to Houston to take part in the stream's one or more sessions. Still, Hellmuth will play daily for six or seven days for five hours on the stream.

Even so, his sessions might last longer depending on when the poker room will end its show. Other Texas regulars that will play in different games are Hayden Fortini and his fiancé Kim Stone.

The poker room will host a $5/$10/$25 no-limit Hold'em on Saturday and a $25/$50/$100 on Sunday and Monday. Jeff Platt and Brent Hanks, PokerGO's announcers, will commentate various matches throughout the week.

Texas' Poker Industry Is Growing

Trumbo aims at promoting poker in the state by operating legally. The state prohibits gaming operators from collecting rake. So, licensed poker rooms charge seat and membership fees from interested players.

The President is collaborating with a few competitors to amend the Texas Penal Code Chapter 47 to clarify poker's legality. He said that Ryan Crow of the Texas Card House and Doug Polk of The Lodge are like-minded.

Still, he thanked them for helping him and the Texas for Texas Hold'em group in promoting poker.


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