Philadelphia Phillies Set to Hire Dave Dombrowski As Team’s President of Baseball Operations

Philadelphia Phillies is offering Dave Dombrowski a job position to become the team’s president of baseball operations. Although Dave didn’t plan to take the offer, sources indicate that there might be a change of heart and that he might take the position after a lengthy negotiation. The source talked on the condition of anonymity, considering the negotiation between the team and Dombrowski are yet to be finalized.

However, it is likely that the persons involved are in the last negotiation stages and might agree on Friday, December 11, 2020. The 64-year-old Dave talked with John Middleton, the Phillies baseball team owner, trying to decide about his potential position. Dave has been in Nashville, checking out his new home building project.

He has been working with a group of professionals to establish a franchise in the city. Together with a group of investors, Dave was planning to spearhead an initiative meant to bring the major league team, Phillies, to Nashville. However, after the franchise failed to find the best baseball operations, officials turned to Dombrowski to convince him to take over as the team’s president.

Dombrowski’s Past Achievements Makie Him the Right Fit for the Phillies

Dombrowski is the only executive to have led three different franchise baseball teams to World Series in the modern baseball world. He began his career with Chicago White Sox in 1978 before heading to Montreal Expos as the general manager. Dave later left for Florida Marlins, where he won a World Series ring before joining Detroit Tigers. Here, he helped the team recover from a 43-win disaster in 2003 and spearheaded the Tigers to two World Series events in one decade.

Dave was later hired by Boston Red Sox in 2015, leading the team to the 2018 World Series championship. However, he was fired in 2019 after several disagreements with the team’s owner. Dave joined Music City ownership group situated in Nashville in July and had shown no interest in leaving until Phillies Middleton convinced him to.

Dombrowski’s Upcoming Duties

Dave’s duties will be uphill. He will be taking over a team that has had nine consecutive losing seasons. But, with an aggressive owner, determined team players, and a huge fan base that is not ready for more disappointments, Dave is ready to take up the task and move the team through to championship just as he did in Boston. According to an official at Phillies, Dave is just the right person that the team needs.

Fortunately, Dave is ready for his duties, as seen from a comment he made last year to USA TODAY Sports. In his statement, Dave said that as he grew up, various people had told him that three markets were different from any other in the baseball market. He mentioned Boston, New York, and Philadelphia as the unique and confirmed the markets have lived to be what he was told as he was growing up. Dave also added that it required one to have thick skin to make it in baseball games.

Dombrowski will be taking over from Matt Klentak, who was recently fired after the previous season. Matt was the general manager, a role Dombrowski will be taking over as he did in Boston and Detroit.


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