PLO Mains Declares Winners As Dejan Kaladurdjevic Leads in a SCOOP $10K No-Limit Hold’em Main Event

Dejan "dejanlc357" Kaladjurdjevic is likely to be the newest PokerStars millionaire as he currently leads in chips. He is approaching the $10,300 No-Limit Hold'em SCOOP Main Event's nine-handed final table.

654 entrants formed a $6,540,000 prize pool, but only nine players are still in the tournament as they contend for the $1,141,510 prize.

Kaladjurdjevic had 32,568,200 chips as he returned to the tournament. He already has a guarantee of winning at least $102,819 even if he fails to finish among the top six players.

But, things weren't likely to go his way as the final table's action started on June 1 at 5:30 p.m. BST as other talented players were also chasing the first-place prize.

Vlad Darie was at the $10K SCOOP Main Event final table as WElcomeInnfeNO was a short stack behind Kaladjurdjevic at 32,410,467 chips. Sintoras had 25,075,664 chips, Vlad "dariepoker" Darie had 8,644,688 chips and Renan "Aziz.Mancha" Aziz had 13,347,276 chips.

Each of them had an opportunity to be the new 2022 SCOOP Main Event winner. PokerStars Twitch channel aired live action at the final table hence offering poker diehards a chance to follow it.

Luis Domeles Has High Chances of Winning the $1,050 Main Event

The $1,050 SCOOP Main Event started with 4,408 entrants, but the field has reduced to nine players. Luis "luisnrd" Domeles is leading the pack with 108,432,086 chips. S Georgiev is second and is suspected to be Stoyan Madanzhiey, a former World Series of Poker (WSOP) Online Main Event winner.

Madanzhiey posted on Instagram claiming that he is second in the $1,050 Main Event. But he deleted the story despite having 101,755,756 chips. None of the other players has over 100 million chips as KasporovAKs has 50,604,027 in the third position.

Tomas "T 54 T 97s" Paiva has 23,176,760 chips and is in the eighth position. Each of the remaining players is guaranteed of winning at least $39,293 out of the $4,408,000 prize pool. The winner will take home $628,713.

The $109 SCOOP Main Event Winner Will Earn $259,474

The $109 No-Limit Hold'em SCOOP Main Event had 25,534 entrants, but only nine of them are still playing. The winner will receive $259,474, and Ibr-rojo is likely to claim the title if he maintains his current position.

The Mexican poker pro has 145,253,597 chips, while Mr.Havener, who is second in the stack standings, has 124,780,951, over 20 million chips behind him. Even so, the big blind is likely to be two million as Marianex.BJ and zekura are the last players at the final table.

PokerLoans1 Is the $10,300 PLO Main Event Champion

PokerLoans1, an Argentinian poker player won $226,367 in the $10,300 PLO Main Event. It is part of this year's SCOOP series. The victory came after PokerLoans1 created a deal with Stroynowski in heads-up action.

The latter won $221,412 from the deal. Linus Loeliger was the first player to leave the seven-handed final table as Mads "madsamot" Amot and Andrey "Anjeyy" Novak followed him.

mikki696 left the table in fourth place with $114,633. d.apollo777 got eliminated in the third position and won $149,309, thus resulting in PokerLoans1 and Stoynowski's heads-up battle.


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