Poker Player News: Phil Ivey to Return as A “Reborn” Poker Player

Professional poker player, Phil Ivey shared details about his professional background and the prospect of returning as a “reborn” player to poker in a recent interview.

Phil is an American professional poker player who has won ten poker bracelets in the World Series, one World Poker Tour title, and nine World Poker Tour final tables. At one time, Ivey was rated the world’s greatest all-around player by various poker analysts and contemporaries, and he was elected to the Poker Hall of Fame in 2017.

It’s been a couple of years since the legendary Phil Ivey left the poker scene due to several lawsuits. There have however been many interviews on Poker King’s YouTube channel which the popular poker player has posted in recent weeks. Phil Ivey’s most recent interview with his friend and poker legend Barry Greenstein on Poker King was posted on Thursday of last week. He said in the interview that he might return “as a reborn poker player” to the poker scene.

Ivey explained that he still enjoyed playing poker, but he did not have the same enthusiasm as he did when he was younger. He acknowledged that he may return to poker, as the passion is returning to him. This is, he says, because he is now more appreciative, thankful, and is playing more at the moment now more than ever.

Speaking On His Poker Experience

The Poker player revealed some information on his experience. He explained that he did not know he was doing great during the times when he was “grinding”. Instead, he was still saving on his way up to play the limit he felt comfortable at. He acknowledged particularly the fact that a player playing within a bankroll, and grinding at low stakes is enjoyable.

Players will also prevent losing a lot of money by being inside the comfort zone of play. I’ve emphasized that there are reports of individuals who by playing poker or gambling, lost all their money, so it was something to keep in mind.

Ivey revealed bits of his personal life in addition to his professional career. He explained that he and his family enjoy golfing, yoga, reading, meditating, and spending time. Being interested in several industries, Ivey said that his newest involvement is with the music industry.

On Poker-Friendships

Speaking on his friendship with Ivey, legendary Poker player Barry Greenstein expressed that Ivey has always shown that as an intellectual person and a caring individual, there is more to him than meets the eye. Greenstein clarified that Phil Ivey had begun to play much younger than himself and that they were also friends back then.

As a result, Greenstein never had an adversarial feeling towards Ivey, who he said was a lifelong friend. The relationship that he has with Ivey is one that is going to last, according to the legendary poker pro.

In answer to Mr. Greenstein’s comments, Ivey stated that he sees the legendary poker player as a good friend. He added that when facing tough poker moments, Mr. Greenstein was always there for him, and he is grateful to have Mr. Greenstein as a friend.

Fans are watching in anticipation for the reborn player’s next moves.


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