$10 Buy-in Turns into $18,750 at ACR’s Jackpot Poker

ACR Jackpot PokerAmericas Cardroom recently paid out $18,750 on a loyal player’s $10 buy-in at Jackpot Poker, the SitNGo game that is all the rage in online poker.

For those unaware, Jackpot Poker is an action-packed lottery-style SitNGo that randomly produces some huge prize pools after players are seated. Three players compete in the hyper-turbo contest and begin with less starting chips than has been the norm in SitNGo games.

The prize pool sometimes consists of only two of the three buy-ins of the players, but other times it can reach thousands of dollars, as ‘nj7777’ recently found out. He (or she) took home the massive prize of over $18K with a full house on the last hand, besting the missed straight draw of ‘turtsoup.’

Jackpot Poker was unveiled last month at the Winning Poker Network (WPN), the U.S.-friendly online poker network that includes Ya Poker and Black Chip Poker in addition to Americas Cardroom. WPN is the only place where U.S. players will find the popular lottery-style game, as no other U.S.-facing poker rooms provide the option to play the innovative and exciting SitNGo.

Rest-of-world players have been enjoying lottery-style action for quite some time, as Winamax created the game under the name Expresso Poker in the summer of 2013. Since that time, other poker sites have followed suit. The hyper-turbo game is now played under such names as Twister Poker, Spin & Go and Jackpot SitNGo at various other poker rooms not available to U.S. players.

When Jackpot Poker was rolled out last month, PokerScout calculated that more than 80% of the action at WPN’s SitNGo tables was taking place at Jackpot Poker. That percentage has since decreased, but with jackpots of over $18K being hit, we may see more players click their way over to the Jackpot Poker tables!

Players within the U.S. who want to take a shot at hitting the next jackpot can do so by making a deposit at Black Chip Poker, Americas Cardroom or Ya Poker. All three offer a fabulous Welcome Bonus of 100% up to $1,000, which is akin to hitting a jackpot. That $1,000 bonus can certainly come in handy at the Jackpot Poker tables – that’s 100 free buy-ins at $10 Jackpot Poker!

For budget-conscious players, WPN offers $2 Jackpot Poker games. And for the high rollers out there, $40 Jackpot Poker offerings are available. The prize pools for all three will be anywhere between 2 and 2,500 times the buy-in. In other words, the $40 games will sometimes feature a prize pool of $100,000!

For those who would like to try Jackpot Poker, simply make a deposit through USAfriendlyPokerSites for the best bonus deal. Then find the games in the lobby under ‘Jackpots’ and select from the $2, $10 or $40 options.

Once three players are seated, the random prize pool will be determined and displayed. Players begin with 500 in chips and the blinds escalate every three minutes.

The large jackpot of 2,500 times a buy-in will appear randomly every 1 in 100,000 hands. But that’s not the only jackpot to shoot for! Lesser prize pools that are still greater than 2 times a buy-in occur in almost 30% of the Jackpot Poker hands dealt!

Jackpot Poker is exciting and it’s fun! And WPN is the only place where players within the U.S. can play the game. Will you be the next big Jackpot Poker winner?

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett