2024 WSOP Registration Now Open

The 2024 World Series of Poker is coming soon, and one of the first steps in that process was just opened up. Registration for the 2024 WSOP in Las Vegas is now officially open, and most of the best players in the world are going to be signing up. 

This is just the next in a long line of information to be shared about the 2024 WSOP, and all of that information is going to matter. There was also information put out about the Bravo Live Poker app that can be used to enter into some of the contests. 

The Paris Las Vegas is currently accepting in-person registration for the 2024 WSOP, and payments can be made between 9am-5pm, until May 16th. Beginning on May 17th, there will be open registration 24 hours a day, giving players more opportunities to get signed up. 

Beginning on May 28th, the Champagne Ballroom is going to be where registration takes place, and that will remain the location until the action starts. Players obviously have to be 21 years of age to sign up, and a Caesars Rewards Card or drivers license is needed. 

Anyone interested in playing in the 2024 WSOP will need to be a Caesars Reward member, and that should be taken care of right away. This rewards card proved that a player can legally play in the WSOP and have verified their identity. 

Registration Also Online 

Not only is in-person registration open for this big event, but players can also register online in order to get in on the action. Bravo Poker Live is accepting online registration, and creating an account on the app is going to be the first step. 

It’s free and easy to create an account at Bravo Poker Live, but first-time users will have to take another step. One part of this process will be acquiring a WSOP FasTrac pass, and that can be done by visiting the Champagne Ballroom at the Paris Las Vegas Casino. 

Players that are wanting to sign up for the WSOP are going to need to know what tournaments they are planning to register for. With so many options available, players will need to check out the schedule before beginning this process to ensure that there are no delays. 

After a player has taken the step to get a WSOP FasTrac pass, the registration process will be much easier the next year. 

Many Ways to Pay

Paying the buy-in is going to be a major part of this registration process as well, and there are a number of different ways to pay. Using cash at the casino cage is going to be the best option available, but gaming chips can also be used. 

Credit and debit cards can be used as well, btu there will be some fees associated with those transactions. For those that already have money in their WSOP account, that can be used as a way to buy-in to the tournaments this year. 

More information will continue to be rolled out for the 2024 WSOP, but this is currently the best information to know.


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