$25k SNG Leaderboard at SportsBetting Poker

$25k SNG Leaderboard at SportsBetting PokerA prize pool of $25,000 is being given away in the March Sit-n-Go Leaderboard Challenge that lasts all month at SportsBetting Poker.

Players can pick up $25,000 in prizes across three categories in the SportsBetting Poker March Sit-n-Go Leaderboard Challenge event happening now.

Sit-n-go tournaments are known for being a specialized form of poker where you play against a small number of other players in a single-table, tournament environment. These games have been extremely popular since the early 2000s in online play, and they’re currently one of the most popular ways to play poker on the Internet. SportsBetting Poker recognizes this, and for the month of March, they’re holding a leaderboard event that will pay out a total of $25,000 in total prizes.

Three Categories of Play

Including the tournament fees (ie: the rake) for the events, there are three different categories of play based on the size of the buy-in:

  • All events with a buy-in of $10 or more are in the gold category.
  • The silver category is for buy-ins of $1 to $9.99, inclusive.
  • Events with buy-ins ranging from $0.05 to $0.99 fall into the bronze category.

Your actual number of points are determined by a number of factors, including the buy-in of the tournament, the total number of players in the event and where you placed, but this is only for single-table tournament games. The higher you place and the larger the buy-in, the more points you earn within each particular category, and each category has its own leaderboard.

Two Stages for the Event

To break this event up and give more players chances to win, there are two stages, and the first stage finishes up today on March 14. Payouts for this stage will be paid on Wednesday, March 16. The second stage continues starting tomorrow, and it will last through March 31. The payouts for the second stage will happen on April 6, and it will include the wins for the entire points race.

The point here is that winners are being paid out today for points earned so far this month, but the major winners for the biggest prizes will be paid out at the end of the month for points earned across the entire 31 days of March. Along these lines, the prizes for the second round of payouts are larger than the first stage wins.

Some Events Do Not Quality

There are a number of events, some of which are single-table tournaments, that do not qualify. Here is a list of some of the events that do not earn points in this leaderboard event:

  • Satellite tournaments of any kind
  • Play money tournaments of any kind
  • Heads-up SNG tournaments
  • 1-up SNG tournaments
  • Multi-table tournaments of any kind
  • Instant all-in SNG tournaments

The focus is on traditional, single-table tournament play, and it’s cool to see such a huge prize pool being dedicated to this classic style of online poker.

Prize Distributions

The gold category will pay out to 20 winners, the silver will pay out to 30, and a total of 40 players will win in the bronze category. This is the number of winners for each stage of the payouts.

The first stage will pay out 25 percent of the total prize pool for each place on the leaderboard. For example, first place in the gold category pays $5,600 total, and one-fourth of that ($1,400) will be paid out in the first stage winnings with the remaining $4,200 paid out at the end of the month for the overall leaderboard winner.

First place for the silver category is a total of $1,350, and first place for the bronze category is an impressive $450 in total.

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Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett