888poker Changes Structure of Jackpot Sit-and-Go Offering BLAST Poker

For most every online poker room, the operator offers a jackpot Sit-and-Go option. Players enjoy this type of gaming due to the poker format but prize element. The quick gaming is fun and exciting, and players can compete in multiple SNGS in a short period of time. At 888poker, their jackpot SNG offering is titled BLAST Poker. The brand recently decided to make changes to BLAST to stay in line with what their competitors are offering.

Super Turbo

For the BLAST Poker games, players will now be taking part in super-turbo contests. Three players compete and the prize pool will be determined before the game begins. The prize pool is varied and is based on a probability table that is set based on buy-in.

The lowest prize pool multipliers are 2x, 3x and 5x. In this format, the winner earns the entire prize pool. When you have games of 10x or 25x the buy-in, the top two players win the money. Anything above the 25x number, all three players will earn a prize.

The difference with BLAST at 888 is that after a certain time frame, everyone that remains in the game is put all-in. The higher the prize multiplier, the more time players have to compete before the all-in occurs.

In the past, BLAST games were four-handed, which made them different from other jackpot SNGs at other operators. The company was questioned as to why they changed the number of players and a representative of 888 responded that they wanted the games to start faster. With one less player in the mix, the decision times will be faster as well as load times to get the game started. Players should see a difference in how quickly games start as well as new games begin once a jackpot SNG is finished.

Payout Structure Changes

Along with the number of players competing, 888poker, also changed the payout structure. In the past, the lower multipliers were only 2x and 5x. With the new format, the 3x option is added. The 1,000x multiplier has been replaced with a 25x.

With the change, 888poker BLAST now offers 2x, 3x, 5x, 10, 100x, 25x and 10,000x prize pool multipliers. Many of the 10x and 5x probability has moved down to the 3x section, with some moving down even further to the 2x chart.

While the decrease in the average prize pool multiplier may seem low, it is similar to what is offered at competitors of the 888poker brand. Considering such competitors as PokerStars, the expected multiplier for a $5 Spin & Go at the brand is 2.790x. Now at 888poker, the $5 BLAST game has an expected multiplier of 2.742x. In the past, this number was 3.656x for the same $5 game.

Players will find the changes at 888poker sites, though the New Jersey site has yet to implement the new format. It is expected that 888poker NJ site will complete the changes to the BLAST Poker option in the near future.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett