888poker Launches New Mobile App on iOS and Android Platforms

In August, 888poker soft launched its new mobile application. It took some time to get the app where the developer wanted it to be and now, it is fully available. Late last week, 888’s mobile app was launched in full for iOS and Android users. The changes mark the largest update for 888poker in the history of the brand.

Made To Play

888poker has been teasing players with its app launch for a few weeks now. They started a campaign called Made To Play, which gave an inside look as to what the launch would entail. To build on player excitement, 888poker is also offering over $1 million in prize money to celebrate the launch of the app.

Starting next week, players can take part in 24/7 freerolls with over $30,000 in prize money on offer each week. With the freerolls, players can try out the new app for free, on both iOS and Android devices. Up to $1,000 will be given away every five minutes via gift drops and daily happy hours.

888poker is celebrating the app launch in a major way and making sure that all players can take part.

App Updates

The 888poker app has updated in several ways. One of the biggest changes is the fact that the lobby is now offered in portrait mode. Players can now play with one hand, something that most online poker rooms have offered for quite some time.

For gaming, the 888poker app provides a grid in the lobby. Players can scroll through to find all the games on offer. This is a feature now offered due to portrait mode. The app has been streamlined completely, offering a more user-friendly experience. Tournament players can easily refine the filters of the app to find options for gaming, based on specific elements. This makes finding tournaments much more convenient.

Players can start in cash games instantly by setting a stake range in the app. This option of pre-defined stakes is a great way to avoid having to choose your limits every time you log in to play. There are also new buttons in the app that allow you to switch from table to table. With multi-tabling offered up to four games at one time, players can use the button to move from each table with ease.

The text chat in the app has also changed from what it used to be. Now, players have a system that is emoji-based. Players tend to favor this option more, so 888poker decided to add it to its app update. Players can emote more with the icons and easily chat with players in-game.

On a fun note, 888 has also added to the Throwables feature. This option has been around for quite some time, with players able to throw things at other players. it is now part of the app, making gameplay more fun. Choose from a snowball, egg, tomato, trophy or cupcake to throw at fellow players.

The update is certainly a welcome sight among regular members of the app. With more features and a streamlined experience, the app is more intuitive and easy to use.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett