A Look at Recent PGT Mixed Games Festival Results

The PokerGO Tour Mixed Games festival is one that attracts some great online poker players, and that is the case again this year. Last year was the first time that this event was played, and it was one that many were looking forward to again in 2024.

Dan Zack is one player that can’t wait for this event to return each year as he seems to enjoy the tournaments that are available. Zack was the player of the festival in 2023, and he is currently sitting in second place with half of the tournaments left to be played.

This update comes after Zack was able to take home nearly $200,000 by winning a tournament filled with big names, and he also earned 360 Player of the Year points in the process. There were 61 players that competed in the eight-game tournament that came with a buy-in cost of $10,200. 

Zack was able to cash in five different times a year ago in this event, and he is on a similar path this time around. It was a comeback win for Zack in this event, and he got past some big names in order to make it happen. 

A Look at the Action

There were just seven players remaining when the second day of this tournament began, and Zack was currently sitting in second place. While that had him within striking distance, Dylan Weisman looked to be in a great position as the chip leader. 

There were a number of bracelet winners that were at the final table, and one of the most decorated players went down right away. John Hennigan has won six bracelets playing online poker, and he took home seventh place with an early exit. 

Chris Vitch was another bracelet winner that was at the final table, and he managed just a sixth place finish in this big event. Zack was sort of a forgotten piece throughout all of the action, but he was able to keep enough chips to remain relevant. 

Mike Gorodinsky was looking to be aggressive when he went all-in with a pair of queens, but he was beaten on the turn to end his run. Joshua Rhodes was the next player to be super aggressive, and that ended up costing him his run at the title as well. 

A Fun Finish

Things were still looking pretty bleak for Zack at the final table as he started off poorly with just three players remaining. After starting to gain some momentum, Zack was able to eliminate Dylan Weisman from the competition in a matchup that saw both players go all-in. 

Jim Collopy was the player that kept the pressure on Zack all the way until the final hand was played, and both players were looking for the top spot. Ultimately it was Zack that was able to get the cards that were needed, and he improved his career earnings to nearly $4 million. 

Collopy had to settle for $122,000 and second place, but he has won nearly $7 million throughout his career


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