A Look at Recent WSOPC Action

The 2024 World Series of Poker schedule has already been released, but there is still some time before those massive events take place. Bracelets will be handed out to the winners of those poker tournaments, but poker players are currently competing for another type of jewelry. 

Gold rings are given out to players on the World Series of Poker Circuit, and those tournaments are played both online and at some casinos throughout the country. There are a number of tournaments every single weekend, but some recent winners have really stood out. 

Winning poker events is mostly about the money for players, but there is also a great race going on when trying to bet on the player with the most gold rings. Three of the biggest names just picked up another gold ring, and that leaderboard continues to be tight. 

Cartwright Slowing Down?

Kyle Cartwright appears to be one of the rising stars on the live poker scene, but he could soon be taking a big break. Cartwright has a couple of young kids at home, but he keeps providing for them by winning poker tournaments. 

During a WSOPC stop at Harrah’s Cherokee in North Carolina, Cartwright was able to win his ninth career gold ring. He has now won over $3.1 million, and he has been climbing up the gold rings leaderboard over the last few years. 

There were 600 entries in the event won by Cartwright, and he was able to collect $111,305 by outlasting the rest of the opponents. While it was another impressive win for Cartwright, he was not the biggest star at this casino. 

Lowery Looking for More

Daniel Lowery was also competing at the Harrah’s Cherokee in North Carolina, and he is a name that simply can’t be ignored. Lowery decided to enter into an event with over 3,500 entries in North Carolina, and he was able to outlast everyone for another win. 

It cost $400 for Lowery to enter into the massive event, and he was able to walk away with $148,416 for his trouble. It was also the 15th WSOPC gold ring won throughout his career, and he is over $3 million in career earnings. 

Lowery does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon, and he has his sights set on taking over the lead in terms of gold rings. He’s getting closer, but he still has plenty of work to be done. 

No Stopping Engel Online

Ari Engel is not a poker player that only enters online tournaments, but he has had a ton of success playing poker at his computer. Engel recently entered an online tournament in the state of Michigan, and was able to win his record 17th gold ring in the process. 

There were only 48 players in the event won by Engel, but the WSOPC designed that event to try and attract the biggest names. Engel has been cleaning up throughout his career as his total earnings are now over $8.8 million. 

This is a player that has had some success in live events as well as he has picked up three gold bracelets on the WSOP tour.


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