Another $1.8 Million Paid to U.S. Full Tilt Players

Another $1.8 Million Paid to U.S. Full Tilt PlayersFormer U.S. Full Tilt players are now $1.8 million richer due to the latest payment doled out by the claims administrator in the remission process.

About 600 such players were the recipients of the cash that began landing in player bank accounts on Wednesday, Sept. 25, according to the official website managed by the Garden City Group (GCG). The total paid to date in four separate waves is now just shy of $100 million.

This latest batch of claimants consisted of players with confirmed account balances. Those yet to be reimbursed include petitioners with disputed claims who will likely be waiting until next year before the DoJ manages to sort out all the claims, Poker Players Alliance Executive Director John Pappas said a few days ago.

Still to be established are the parameters regarding cashouts that were requested either just prior to or just after Black Friday –April 15, 2011. Many of those cashouts were never fully processed, creating discrepancies between the account totals players claim to have and the amounts on record with the DoJ.

No matter what decision the DoJ makes regarding establishing a timeline of cashouts accepted as valid without further investigation, it is likely that some players will feel they are getting shafted and not being awarded their true account balances. For those players who may have such grievances, an appeals process will be made available.

The $1.8 million reimbursed via ACH on Wednesday may not arrive in the bank accounts of players for several business days dependent upon the speed in which each player’s bank happens to facilitate such transactions. The GCG also advises claimants who may have previously supplied incorrect bank account information to update their claims at the Full Tilt remission website with the proper account number and name of bank by October 16.

Changes at Full Tilt

Full Tilt has gone through a number of changes since players in the U.S. began receiving reimbursements through the remission process last February. As many are undoubtedly aware, Full Tilt’s assets are now controlled by Amaya Gaming due to [geolink href=””]the $4.9 billion blockbuster purchase[/geolink] of Rational Group a few months ago.

Another recent change was dropping “Poker” from the name, allowing the site to be henceforth known only as Full Tilt. That change was made due to the expansion of offerings provided by the gaming site that includes online casino games.

Neither of those changes affects the remission process in any way whatsoever. Petitioners with disputed claims and those labeled as Full Tilt Pros who have yet to be reimbursed are still in line for payment. But continued patience is required.

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